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Welcome to Positive Mind Management Services (PMMS)

Empowering - Improving - Renewing


In the HIGHLY COMPETITIVE worlds of Sales, Sports & Performing Arts, the Skills & Tools used & taught at PMMS catapults Semi-Pro to Pro Athletes, Artists & Business Leaders to the TOP OF THEIR GAME!


We prepare Clients for Drug-Free Procedures & Painless Child Birthing - Plus, how to ENJOY Complete Emotional & Behavioral Control using our Advanced Positive Mind Management Skills & Tools long-term, on their own!


We offer Monthly Online or In-Person Workshops for Adults, Teens, College Students, Missionaries, Couples, Families, Corporate Sales Teams, Performance Artists, Pro Athletes & MORE! Check out the Tab for Dates & Times!


Our Online Training Courses combine all the Educational & Self Improvement Books, CD Downloads, Online Lecture Series & Support Group Memberships you'll need to experience the desired Behavioral Changes & Control your seeking!


Get Started Today!

Here at Positive Mind Management Services you will uncover your True Potential by learning how to Free Yourself from old unwanted emotions which are fixated to past experiences & memories, while at the same time learning how to manage your mind for complete emotional & behavioral control. In the end you will experience what it is like to Truly BE FREE & ABLE to utilize your own Personal Power to lead a life that is WORTH CELEBRATING!

While we can't physically go back in time to change difficult situations, we can use the Power of our Own Subconscious Mind to go back & learn how to better understand & resolve them through our Innovative PMMCC Hypnotherapy Protocols & Techniques. Positive Mind Management will help you unearth & rid yourself of the long-standing behavior patterns & negative perceptions that are holding you back from experiencing the Peaceful, Fulfilling & Meaningful Life you desire.



Our Exclusive PMMCC Hypnotherapy Method


Since The passing of W Dennis Parker on May of 2021, Chris Parker has taken over sessions for the business. PMMS IS THE WELLNESS CLINIC ARM OF THE CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING SCHOOL (CHTS) WHICH W. DENNIS PARKER WAS ALSO THE CEO, FOUNDER & PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR - CHTS is a post-secondary proprietary school of hypnotherapy registered & bonded with the Department of Commerce in the State of Utah. The courses taught at CHTS prepare individuals to Certify as Clinical Hypnotherapists through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), plus become Official Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical (PMMCC) Hypnotherapy Practitioners through our Proprietary, Advanced, Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings.


OUR EXCLUSIVE ADVANCED PMMCC HYPNOTHERAPY METHOD utilizes this Proprietary combination of traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings with Dennis' additional ADVANCED Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings called The Emotional Skills & Tools of Positive Mind Management & the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance which provides PMMCC Hypnotherapy Practitioners with advanced Mental & Emotional Protocols & Techniques that are EXCLUSIVE to CHTS Graduates & the PMMCC Hypnotherapy we offer.


OUR EXCLUSIVE PMMCC HYPNO-TEAM - Positive Mind Management Services is a group of Professional, ACHE Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists who have all been highly trained at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School by W. Dennis Parker (CHT) in these additional Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings & are Official Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical (PMMCC) Hypnotherapist Practitioners. All our PMMCC Hypnotherapists are in compliance with all state regulations & requirements as directed by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Occupational Licensing in the State of Utah.


  • 🎯 Hypnosis

  • 🎯 Self-Hypnosis

  • 🎯 Suggestion Hypnotherapy

  • 🎯 Clinical Hypnotherapy


  • 🎯 Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical (PMMCC) Hypnotherapy Trainings


  • 🎯 The Protocols of Adversarial Resistance Trainings


PMMS full time hypnotherapist is Chris Parker. As a Practitioner, Chris has used hypnotherapy to help hundreds of people overcome maladaptive behaviors and to be in control of their emotions. He has begun his instructing career with Certified Hypnotherapy Training School April 2022. He is carrying on the legacy of his father, W. Dennis Parker.


SIMPLY PUT, the PMMCC Hypnotherapy Sessions offered at PMMS are the most ADVANCED, COMPREHENSIVE & EFFECTIVE form of therapy out there! So, if your looking for real Behavioral Modification, Emotional Control & being assisted in achieving HUGE LIFE CHANGING RESULTS QUICKLY & CONSISTENTLY, then PMMS is the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU!

PMMS FOUNDER IS THE LATE W. DENNIS PARKER who was internationally recognized & respected for these Advanced Mental & Emotional Skills & Tools which he spent over 30+ years in the industry developing. As a Practitioner, Dennis personally used PMMCC Hypnotherapy to help hundreds of clients change their lives & improve their families. As an Instructor, he has successfully trained thousands of Students on how to effectively apply these Advanced Therapy Protocols & Techniques in their own practices in order to be able to produce the same amazing results he got with their own clients.


SIMPLY PUT, the PMMCC Hypnotherapy Sessions offered at PMMS are the most ADVANCED, COMPREHENSIVE & EFFECTIVE form of therapy out there! So, if your looking for real Behavioral Modification, Emotional Control & being assisted in achieving HUGE LIFE CHANGING RESULTS QUICKLY & CONSISTENTLY, then PMMS is the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU!

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Start Your PMM Journey NOW

Begin by either first booking a FREE Online Client Consult which are scheduled to last about 15 minutes & happen LIVE Online via ZOOM with Chris or the next available Member of our PMMCC Hypno-Team.

Or, you can jump straight to purchasing either a single Session or one of our PMMCC Hypno-Session Packs which include deeply discounted rates on groups of 3, 6, 9 or 12 PMMCC Hypno-Sessions. Or, go for the Super Savings Bundle Pack which combines multiple Sessions with our Education Pack that will give you all the information you will need to make the amazing personal improvements plus get the behavioral changes & emotional control you are looking for!



See What Our PMMS Clients Are Saying

"I first came to PMMS on advice from a friend after spending nearly 4 months in bed with horrible migraines. I have suffered from migraines since I was a teen & would often find myself in a migraine cycle for up to 3 weeks at a time. But 4 months was completely insane, & I was feeling desperate. None of the usual tricks for breaking these cycles were helping. I had done nearly everything medically possible to find relief, & had started looking outside normal, western medicine for answers.


I was in the middle of a full-blown migraine when I showed up to my first PMMCC Hypnotherapy appointment. Before our session was even halfway over, my migraine was completely gone. I felt relief that I hadn’t felt in 4 months! I left that session feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. As I continued over the next few months, Dennis not only gave me tools to deal with my migraines, but he helped me let go of false beliefs I had about myself & my health. Over the course of 6 appointments I was able to get my power back for the first time. When I left my final session, I told him I felt like a new person, like I had finally gotten my life back!"


Young Married Woman

"I have worked as a certified police officer for 12 years. I am also a member of the Army National Guard. As a police officer and Soldier I have seen some of the great things along with the terrible. Following a combat deployment in 2007 I experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that led to times of being alone with my thoughts. Those thoughts would consume my mind with depression. I still have a difficult time to this day of watching fireworks...


I went to Dennis with a mindset that I wanted to learn all I could to change my thought process. His plain blunt approach was what I needed. During our time together, he taught me how to identify and fight against “potty” words that brought me down...


These tools saved my life. I know I am not the only first responder who sees horrible things day after day. Suicide is a real thing with first responders & service members alike. The Positive Mind Management Trainings are something that I cannot put into words how grateful I am to learn of these tools in my life - Thank You."


Police Officer - First Responder

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