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Hypnotherapy - Dave Elman

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Elman shares his wisdom & advice for everything from somnambulism to the Esdaile state. He also offers a chapter each on common health problems, ranging from allergies to phobias to sleep problems.


The Elman Technique is a powerful introduction to rapid hypnotherapy that will help all hypnotists and hypnotherapists quickly attain a better understanding of the art and science of hypnosis. A demonstration will be provided in this and subsequent books in this series. These can be used in hypnosis and hypnotherapy scripts, which can be applied to a variety of situations.

Long forgotten and often overshadowed by interest in Milton Erickson’s contribution to hypnotherapy, the work and ideas of his chief rival Dave Elman should not be overlooked. Elman was a former stage hypnotist, radio personality, and worked with the Office of Strategic Services (the predecessor of the CIA) during World War II.

He was approached by members of the medical and dental profession, who had an interest in hypnosis but were dissatisfied with what they had learned from Erickson. While many in the hypnotherapy arena regularly shun any association with stage hypnotists, looking at why hypnosis as entertainment works and how it may be applied to clinical and performance-related applications is a worthy study.

Although Elman was a close associate of Sigmund Freud’s son and very much influenced by Freud’s psychoanalytic theories, his core concepts have even more relevance when studied and practiced in light of many more recent neurological discoveries. His three-minute technique is a starting point in understanding the elegance of his thoughts and must be mastered by anyone who claims to practice hypnotherapy.

This is the first book in the Elman Hypnotherapy: Beyond the Basics series.

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Hypnotherapy - Dave Elman

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