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Imagining Success - Kurt A. Schneider

**This NEW Hardcover Book is Sold Elsewhere For OVER = $45.00


The world around us is to a large extent formulated by the world within us. Thoughts are seeds and become deeds. The battle wages daily as to which thoughts control our lives and then become our lives.

This is a book that is full of positive mental exercises which program your subconscious mind to your benefit. Your goals will become reality in the same proportion that you can imagine and believe in them. This book offers step by step instructions and exercises to become proficient in this all important ability of visualization.

It is not a pedantic book of generalities, but full of interesting true stories and experiences blended in with a detailed program to reshape your thinking. You will find your life changed after reading the first chapter alone. You owe it to yourself to give this book serious study and then imagine your success and obtain it...

Imagining Success - Kurt A. Schneider

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