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Protocols of Adversarial Resistance - W. Dennis Parker


Learn to free yourself from evil spirit influences that we give power to when we become involved in pornography or other such things.

There are at least two adversarial entities that everyone has to learn to free themselves from who has been involved in pornography for any length of time. They are the evil spirit tag team of curiosity and lust! These evil spirits effects upon a person is what is being called the emotional addiction and their compounding emotions are the driver's to continue to do such things. Freeing yourself from the effects of these attached entities will put you back into more normal ranges of emotions, and give you greater self-control.

Take Back Your Power of Agency and Choice – Resist the Devil and He Shall Flee from You!

Learn Here, to Be Clean and Stay Clean, Be Free and Stay Free!

Protocols of Adversarial Resistance - W. Dennis Parker

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