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Weight Management

Best Investment for Weight Loss - Enjoy Impulse Control Over Emotional Eating - Easily Control Cravings!

I used your weight loss CD for approximately 8 weeks and lost 12 pounds. The most helpful feature was the color visualization technique of "White" which I could use at any time to achieve the desired results!

E.A. Claudio

Price: $35.00 - Download Immediately!

*The Weight-Loss Program consists of two CD’s. The Health improvement and Weight Management CD is to be used in conjunction with the Enhanced Self-Esteem and Personal Improvement CD.

The CD’s when listened to consistently, rotating them daily at night, before and as one sleeps, make a powerful program for change in necessary behaviors for Weight Management. We are receiving excellent results with everyone who is consistently utilizing this Cd program for weight management. This program prompts a permanent lifestyle change, as opposed to any diet plan.

You will experience several basic lifestyle changes, such as eating smaller portions of higher-quality; more nutritious foods, increased movement and exercise, drinking water in place of other drinks (especially soda pop), and obtaining proper rest and sleep.

The "Weight Management" Cd address emotional eating, attempting to satisfy emotional and spiritual “heart hungers”, by eating physical foods. You will be given simple ways to release and change negative thoughts and the attending emotions and conquer sugar cravings easily.

There are many “Therapeutic Prompts” to help you understand why you are doing what you are doing, and make new decisions and choices. Learning to utilize this program effectively will increase your personal enjoyment and happiness in life as you become lean, healthy, and strong, improving daily.


The "White Series CD's" recommended listening schedule for best results:

The Enhanced Self Esteem and Personal Improvement CD should be rotated daily with the Weight Management or the Crush the Habit - Stop Smoking CD; depending upon the behavioral changes you are seeking.

We suggest you play the CD’s on repeat at night while you sleep, as you will receive the desired suggestions at different trance levels, as you go into and come out of sleep. Doing it this way does not require additional time out of your day to accomplish your desired results. You simply sleep your way to better health and happiness.

However, it is important that you routinely-consciously listen to the CD's and follow the “Therapeutic Prompts”, making the appropriate decisions and choices that will ensure your permanent new lifestyle changes. (See Letter Below) In other words, you may want to set your alarm an hour early, and continue to rest as you intentionally listen to the CD’s, consciously, at least once each day for best results.

Most people notice significant changes within 12-60 days. These programs are guaranteed to put you into a state of new decision making and prompt you to make those decisions, which are right, true, and correct for you. You are responsible to make the new choices and decisions, as there is no one else who can ever do that for you, but these CD’s will prompt your desired changes as you sleep or relax until you are accomplishing the desired changes seemingly automatically as you work your way through the “therapeutic prompts” coming to conscious understanding and choice.

After using these CD’s as recommended, (nightly rotating them on repeat as you relax and sleep) you will achieve minor and major improvements in your attitudes, overall demeanor, and behavioral habits. 

Reference Letters and Comments.

Please Click on the Links Below for Reference Letters and Comments. The purpose of posting the letters and comments is so that you can see and understand that you are getting involved with processes and programs used by others, proven to work with great success. The letters and comments are obviously to build credibility in the programs and therapeutic behavioral processes, but as you read, notice how each person's comments give awareness of our unique capacities as human beings to utilize our God given natural trance abilities to ponder and meditate, and use our powers of reasoning and agency to make better and more appropriate choices, choosing to change lives in positive directions.

Please click on the various subjects, Reference Links, to view some letters and comments from clients and customers, as you consider your personal improvement desires.

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