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The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management to Manage Our Minds and Emotions - Click Here 

Overcoming Pornography - Dennis - Speaking at the Firm Foundation - Book of Mormon Conference - 2019

FREE Yourself from Pornography by Overcoming the Satanic Influences often being mislabeled as the Addiction!

2019 - Firm Foundation Conference

   John Harmer of the Lighted Candle Society which has been fighting Pornography for 50 years

has this to say about Dennis and Positive Mind Management for overcoming the influences

and effects of pornography.

John Hollingshead of the Lighted Candle Society has this to say about Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy 

and the results he has experienced himself, and the success Members have enjoyed as he has sent them for

 Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy.

Listen to a clients comments on using Positive Mind Management 

who is now in control of pornographic influences, and learn how he is doing it.

Medical Retreat Participants : See what participants thought about a retreat where Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy 

was accomplished with multiple people at the same time. 

This was with a group of medical professionals from the Advanced Health Clinic, in Farmington, Utah.

Young mother of three children ; Chaunte did several sessions of Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy and learned to control here imagination and her fears.  She went on to learn pain control and also delivered her last child pain free with self-hypnosis as the only pain control method. She learned all of this in just six sessions of hypnotherapy with Dennis.

Stories of Two Different LDS Missionaries. 

Cade received Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Training and Sessions before going on his mission and Addison received them when he came home early from his mission due to emotional issues. See what they both have to say about their experiences with Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy as taught at CHTS.

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Overcome pornography

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