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There are three emotional ranges that I describe and teach as: Normal - Imagination Amplified Emotions - Satanic Attachment Emotions 

Normal Emotional Range to Satanic Attachment Emotions - Explained Below

We all have natural curiosity about the people. places, and things that effect our lives on a daily basis.  We all at one time in our youthful experiences and explorations figured out how our bodies work and function.  We all want to know about and are curious to understand things that have interest for us. Being naturally curious is Normal. Then we can take the curiosity of  a thought, image, or video, and Amplify it in our Imagination, wondering what it would be like to experience the actions portrayed on the image or video, etc.  The emotions go up the more we apply our imagination, they also go down as we learn to manage our imagination and turn it and our emotions down, simultaneously.  I am claiming to have figured out or have been taught through insights and inspiration how our imagination works. (It is completely explained in, 'The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management',  book.)  The imagination is a control point over the emotions when we know how to manage it.  

When we go into our imagination and turn inappropriate arousal's all the way up and we start with deviant behaviors, we open ourselves up to Adversarial Evil Spirit Attachments.  When these entities are attached to us they compound our emotions with their additional emotions that we feel from them, because they are now attached to us.  The Devil is strategic in this effort and utilizes evil spirit entities that compound what we are already feeling naturally.   The Devil is hoping to have his attached evil spirit minion become so familiar to us that we are tricked and deceived into thinking, that it is us.  They now 'whisper in our ears', that this is now just the way we are or have become, with these strong overpowering deviant emotions.  These compounded emotions from Imagination Amplification and the Entity Attachment Emotions take our Normal emotions to the level of what is being called the Addiction levels of emotions.  They are strong enough that we may feel tricked into believing that we are hopeless and powerless, two other lies the entities will whisper in our ears along with a myriad of other self-defeating, self-deprecating injected fiery darts of satanic temptation thoughts.   We are tempted to believe that we are less than we are, and that we don't have the power we need to win and no way to obtain it. The devil 'teacheth a man not to pray' and receive additional strength and power that we could obtain and should seek.  We are to ask for Divine intervention and strengthening .  They will whisper that we are too unworthy to pray or have Heavenly Father and Jesus still be interested in us, and so forth.  They whisper lies, trickery, and deceptions!

I have never liked the the word addiction.  I believe it masks and hides the real nature of the problem. If we were to use Biblical and Book of Mormon terms for what is being called addiction to pornography, we would use such words as captivated, trapped, snared, seduced, enticed, vexed, and bound.  These words tie directly back to what I believe is the source of real addictive emotions and mental disturbances, Satanic influences and attachments of evil spirits to us. 

Please read on to find out why.

“Out of the abundance of his heart, Jesus spoke to the poor, the downtrodden, the widows, the little children; to farmers and fishermen, and those who tended goats and sheep; to strangers and foreigners, the rich, the politically powerful, as well as the unfriendly Pharisees and scribes. He ministered to the poor, the hungry, the deprived, the sick. He blessed the lame, the blind, the deaf, and other people with physical disabilities. He drove out the demons and evil spirits that had caused mental or emotional illness.” - “A More Excellent Way” - Howard W. Hunter – General Conference   President Hunter makes it clear what the sources of evil are able to do to cause us what may be identified as emotional or mental illnesses.  Emotional and mental problems cause electrical immune deficiencies and make us vulnerable to dis - eases, or physical diseases.


Most of us have lived through some traumatic experiences from being a first responder, first on the scene of an accident or have been in a severe accident, or have been abused in various ways, bullied or rejected, and have had painful relationships where we have been betrayed, trust has been broken and destroyed. Some of us have had loss and abandonment issues in being adopted, going through divorces, or grieving for loved ones having problems, and grief  from unresolved deaths. Others are in emotional and physical pain from a myriad of different life's experiences, but all of us want relief and are looking in different places to receive it. Some are seeking the Lord's assistance, kindnesses, and tender mercies. They come to know eventually that if they ask, seek, and knock, that there are divine interventions and directions available to them as they pray and give Father in Heaven the permission and opportunity to get involved in their lives and support them more fully. He will not take away our agency if we choose other hurtful and harmful paths for ourselves. We have to ask for His help, giving Him permission to assist and bless us.  This is one of the reasons the devil teaches a man not to pray, because it leaves the individual more vulnerable to the prompting and attachment influences of the devil.  If we use our agency to choose pornography we are free to do so, but not without consequences and eventual justice if we refuse the Holy Spirits warnings to avoid it and repent.

We are to correct our own thoughts and actions utilizing our personal agency  and choice to change (repent) as directed by Him, through His greater wisdom and knowledge. His wisdom is greater than the cunning and evil designs of misery and destruction, the devil has planned for us.   We can have the atonement applied to us as we repent.  We can be ministered to in lots of ways and from many sources and people. We need to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives, in all things. We are to always be seeking Father in Heaven's directions and blessings, and receive counsel and guidance from inspired ecclesiastical leaders.  Being able to visit with someone who is understanding of the principles of repentance and knows how to help us have the atonement applied to us, gives us hope in our progress to be clean and stay clean - be free and stay free.

Others often seek relief from these emotional and physical pains from traumatic life experiences in ways that are called self-medicating.  Self-medication comes in many forms, it is like my horse going into fight-flight or seek-avoid responses. He wants to avoid pain, hunger, and he is seeking and thinking about his next bale of hay or bucket of grain for relief.  People are choosing different bales of hay for temporary relief, such as: pornography, self-abuse, sex, street drugs, prescription drugs, food - comfort foods, alcohol, gambling, video game playing, TV watching, and so forth.  Often people involved in pornography, masturbation, and more, are using it as a temporary relief from the pains they are encountering. Maybe the pains of failed relationships,and so forth.  Instead of getting married and being in a healthy committed relationship where they can righteously have spiritual, psychological, and physical needs and desires met in righteous and approved of the Lord ways, they are afraid of making a decision and taking on responsibility.  Because, 'what if' it doesn't work out again. They go off in their imaginations and 'what if' themselves into non-action, stuck. They do not exercise their faith, and use their agency to move forward. They are tricked into a false sense security, being alone.  I identify entities by their strongest emotional influence upon us. The evil spirit of Loneliness is one of the strongest of the devil's entities.  People feel lonely in a crowed stadium with this attachment.  The spirits of Loneliness (producing a feeling of bleakness or desolation) and Despair (the complete loss or absence of hope) are winning in many cases and are recognized as national health problems.

So, for relief individual look for distractions away from their problems and they look at people on the pages or in movies of pornography and are tricked into thinking that somehow pornographic encounters are going to fulfill this need of overcoming the feelings of being lonely and so forth.  The people on the pages or in pornographic videos, don’t reject them, it’s not personal. But therefore it’s also not personally satisfying.  So, after the pornographic and self-abuse encounter is over, they feel even more lonely, disgusted, and ashamed 0f themselves for what they just did.  They have shame and guilt and are guilty, and experience further loss of the Holy Spirit.  I believe pornography is a major cause of  people leaving their churches and loosing their faith, and is a major cause in the increased suicide rates that are being currently experienced. The consequences of involvement is loss of Holy Spirit in their lives and weakens them in every possible way. I  believe pornography is one of the Satan's most devious paths, a gateway to to murder and suicide. I have attached a chapter of my new book 'Protocols of Adversarial Resistance' here on this subject because I believe there needs to be more awareness as to what the devil has in mind for those enticed, seduced, and tricked into pornography.

23 And he that looketh upon a woman to lust after her shall deny the faith,

and shall not have the Spirit; and if he repents not he shall be cast out. D&C 42:23

We are witnessing a lot of people denying the faith and leaving the church.  I believe this denying of the faith in many cases is from not having the Spirit as a consequence of pornographic involvement!

More on Imagination Amplified Emotions

One of my therapy discoveries or I should say inspired insights, is how the imagination works in relations to emotions.  The Imagination is a powerful driver of emotional content.  The volume of emotions that one feels as the imagination is amplifying an image or pretended personal involvement within one's own mind is increased as the imagination is turned up. The volume of emotional content is turned down simultaneously  as the imagination is turned down intentionally on an image or thought.   The imagination when understood and a person knows how to control it, is a powerful control point over the emotions.  

With additional imaginary involvements of viewing pornography and actual self-abuse, they once again seek further relief from the newly increased emotional and physical pains of their inappropriate choices and actions. Their chosen method of relief (their chosen bale of hay) is they use more pornography and self-abuse.  So, when the encounter is over again, it causes them more pain, and they seek further relief by doing the very thing again, that is creating the personal emotional and physical pain in the first place.  This is the downward spiral identified by some people as the addiction. It is a continual seeking of relief from what is causing the pain in the first place, by using what is causing the pain as the relief, so we have more pain, and then seek more relief, by using the very thing that is causing the pain as our self-medication, and so it goes on and on. 

We usually attribute these downward spiral imagination driven addictive behaviors with pornography to men, however more and more women are being trapped and seduced by the adversary with pornography and self-abuse as well. One of the more extreme clients I've helped overcome these behaviors was a young college girl. She was viewing pornography anywhere from 8 to 12 times a day and masturbating each time she did so. This pattern never stopped until we were able to get down to the root of the problem of the childhood sexual molestation's she had experienced.  We are able to desensitize clients from these types of root experiences with certified clinical hypnotherapy.  Because we gain trance, pondering, or hypnosis access to the subconscious level of the mind where these powerful emotional drivers are housed in our subconscious memories and imaginations.  These types of experiences can be powerful emotional drivers.  These experiences and attached emotions can be identified, understood, challenged, desensitized, and permanently addressed with the Skills and Tool of Positive Mind Management and the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance, and maybe a few sessions of certified clinical hypnotherapy with someone who has been trained in these techniques .  So, once the confusing and painful experiential drivers of the self-medication are dealt with and gone, it is easier to give up the behavior, because the need for relief is no longer needed.  The emotional and physical pains are no longer there as emotional triggers. 

Satanic Attachment Compounded  Emotions  (Addiction)

People caught up in this downward spiral can have their imagination amplified emotions further compounded by attachment of evil spirit tag teams. One tag-team are spirit entities with the  predominant compounding emotions of boredom, loneliness, and isolation.  They will give attached persons their same feelings when they are attached to them compounding their emotions into what I want to call the attached addiction ranges of emotions.  The adversarial entities whisper in first person deceptive 'I' language, 'I can't stop as this, it is beyond my control', and such statements.  Entities whisper in our ears constant promptings to feel the same way the entities feel, who are attached to them.  The person is tricked into believing that this is just them and just the way they are now.  The ultimate deception is to have an attached evil spirit and its influences being put upon you and you be tricked into believing that its now just who you have become.  Its a familiar spirit to you that is so familiar to you that you are tricked into believing that it is you. This is one of the greatest deceptions.

Again, the devils ultimate trickery is to have entities attach to us and have us not even discern with awareness  that these entities  are constantly giving us thought promptings and feelings, that are in fact the entities feelings, or emotions   These attached entities become familiar spirits to the person, because they have become so familiar to the them, that they believe their influence upon them, is them.  They are being 'tricked'!  There may be attachments promoting feelings of discouragement and depression, and when the individual seeks relief, entities of curiosity and lust move in, prompting them to seek relief by distracting themselves from all of their emotional and physical pains for a time with more pornography, self-abuse, and other deviant behaviors. Once the encounter is over again, they are under attack again from guilt and shame etc. and the cycle begins to repeat its self.  All of this is described in detail in the Educational Package books.  We have also posted some live sessions of the Protocols actually being used with some of my clients so you can figure things out for yourself by listening and learning. These session recordings are actual chapter transcripts in the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance book.   You will learn best by reading along with the actual sessions and take notes in your book of what insights you gain for you as you experience the sessions as though they were your sessions.

I do understand somewhat, of what goes on in the brain and how pornography affects brain chemistry and brain functions.  I get why people want to claim that aberrant brain processes are the conditioned addiction process, and so forth. See the information under Brain Components.

But, the study to my knowledge that has never been done is what  are the brain chemistry effects of these attached evil spirit entities, when attached to us over time?  We experience all of their negative energies being put into us.  It can be  done by the way of negative thought patterns that are negative and dark  electrical frequencies being produced by us with the acceptance of these thoughts as if they were our own thoughts, or negative injected dark energies into us by these attached entities compounding our emotions, which are electrical in the body.  Again, what effect do these entities and their dark influences and powers have on brain chemistry?  This study has never been done to my knowledge, and yet I get to see the immediate effects of how the brain adjusts a clients bodily functions, just as soon as the entities release and flee.  Emotional and Physical Pains many times will be completely relieved starting immediately with the release of the entity, and many times just go away permanently, as long as the person doesn't go back into sin and become reattached again.  People change and heal just as fast as any Bible descriptions of casting out and healing, everyday when these entities are challenged and flee.

John 5:14 -  Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

Pornography, like so many other things is a gateway, a barn door opening, to satanic possession or attachment!  The extreme emotions immediately adjust as the person is freed from the attachments.  We then teach them how to shut down Imagination Amplification, (this is taught in the emotional skills and tools book) which allows them to now be back into Normal ranges of emotions.  I have discovered, or I should rightly give credit, and say that the Lord has taught me how the Imagination works.   Once back into Normal healthy emotional ranges they are to continue to practice The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management and The Protocols of Adversarial Resistance, and keep themselves Clean and FREE!

The books in the Education Package  teach you how to deal with all three emotional levels.  Each book covers another emotional range. This gives you a permanent library of how to manage your mind in these ways, using the principles in Spiritual Mind Management at Normal ranges, and The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management teaches how to deal with Imagination Amplification, and the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance teach you to 'resist the devil sufficiently to have devils flee from you'.  You will learn how to be in full emotional self-control as you utilize and practice your newly learned skills and tools.  If you want to speed up the processes of being clean and free, you may want to consider doing a few hypnotherapy sessions along with your studies. When you Pay for a package of sessions you receive a discount on the sessions and receive another discount on the Educational Package as well.

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