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A - Work with your Ecclesiastical Leaders - They will more thoroughly educate you on the repentance processes

We are assuming here that if you are involved in pornography or other deviant behaviors that you are already working with your Bishop and going through the repentance processes.  Some individuals need additional assistance and we receive new referrals from Bishops and Stake Presidents every week.  So here we are not covering all of the requirements to have the atonement applied to you.  We are teaching you additional things you can do of your own free will, using your agency and choice to choose to do things new and different in very positive and righteous ways. You will learn to take accountability and responsibility using your agency to apply these new mental skills and tools that will give you self-control in all areas of your life, not just pornography, even though that is our focus here.

B - Educational Package 


This information and learning will benefit anyone who wants to be in mental, emotional, and behavioral control. Pornography is only one area that these skills, tools, and protocols, can be applied too.  There are many free educational opportunities on this website. Start with reading through the Problems with Pornography page.  Or, you can visit the individual subjects and sections one at a time: Click Here   There are new explanations there and some videos and recordings that will give you new insights and learning. Then go to the VIDEOS on this subject and the other EDUCATION VIDEOS as well  There are some live hypnotherapy sessions to listen to which are actual chapters in The Protocols of Adversarial Resistance book.  If you have your PROTOCOLS book you can read along with the transcripts that are in the book. You will learn much by doing so, and THIS IS THE KIND OF KNOWLEDGE THAT IS POWER, THAT WILL MAKE YOU FREE AND SET YOU FREE!

Dennis has a large family and knows how expensive it can be to get help for family members.  Save yourself time and money in personal improvement costs by doing what you can for yourself first.  Star learning to manage your mind and emotions to overcome inappropriate arousal by obtaining the Educational Package.   Learn how your spirits' mind works with the 'Spiritual Mind Management' book, then learn, The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management, and learn thought, emotion, and behavioral skills and tools, then learn how to sufficiently resist the devil and have attached entities flee from you shutting down the overpowering 'white knuckling' addictive emotions with the 'Protocols of Adversarial Resistance'. The children's version of Thinking About Your Thoughts is helpful for everyone, adults as well, as it gives a simple explanation and helps simplify things when you first start down this path of learning self-control in these new ways.

You want the educational package as it is the best way to get started learning to manage your mind, meaning managing your thoughts, which generate your emotions, which allows you to be in control of your behaviors.  These books and CD's are also required reading and listening should you later decide you want to work with one of our hypnotherapist's trained at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School to expedite your being clean and staying FREE.  By giving yourself this self education first it will make it so you require fewer sessions saving you time and money.  The education package also gives you a library of mind management skills, tools, and protocols, to refer back to making your investment in yourself a lifetime investment as you'll have the reference books to remind yourself of what to do in the future. 

C - CD's

Studying and listening to the CD's in the EDUCATION PACKAGE  will implant  new levels of personal 'Impulse Control' that you don't have now.  Impulse control is your ability to immediately disconnect from adversarial fiery dart temptations, staying clean and free.  The Two CD's are fully therapeutic and assist with both physical habits and spiritual, mental and emotional self-esteem issues. The CD's will give you another level of internal 'Impulse Control'.  The CD's create within you powerful awareness of agency and choice making you more self-reliance, giving you more self-control, and  personal empowerment.  You want to listen to the CD's as thy are fully therapeutic and a very important part of your new self-control processes. You especially want the CD's as part of your therapy process, because impulse control is a major problem when involved in pornography.  Again, we are building in a  powerful and freeing layer of internal 'Self-Control" as you listen to the CD'. You are to rotate them each night listening to them on repeat as you sleep and dream your way to better stress releaving health.  Everyone loves the CD's and we have thousands of people listening to them. 

D - Testimonials

Read through the written Written Testimonials and watch the Video Testimonials as well. You will see John Harmer of the Lighted Candle Society endorse Dennis and these protocols, and John Hollingshead a former Stake President who has sent hundreds of people to Dennis for services talk about their experiences with the processes and the successes people are enjoying learning new skills and tools, to Be Clean and Stay Clean - Be Free and stay FREE!  These skills and tools really work!  There are other Testimonial links there as well from clients and students. 

E - Online Courses

We have Online Courses that you can learn from in the privacy of your own home. These consist of two major ones for overcoming pornography. First is the Emotional Skills and Tools Course.  You will have digital access to the information in the book and be able to watch and participate in video instructions on how to utilize and implement each skill and tool. It is a great way to develop the Mind Management Skills and save you time and money in doing so. It also gives you the opportunity to go back and review the training until you have made them effective for you.

The second Online course is The Protocols of Adversarial Resistance. In this course you will be given an opportunity to read through the transcripts that are in the book, 'Protocols of Adversarial Resistance' at the same time listening to the actual live sessions. The way you work with these sessions for your best personal benefitis is to utilize the questions being asked of the client, to ask yourself the same things as you are listening to the session, and obtain your own answers. Keep  following the processes through with the person that you're listening to doing your own work. This is very a very effective way for most people.  You can keep  watching or listening to several sessions repeatedly and it brings out different concepts and different ways to challenge and change beliefs, and behaviors. You will greatly benefit from each session working along with the session as if it were your own session. These are the same processes we use in group therapy situations and this will save you time and money at at the same time give you the help your are looking for privately, just work through the sessions in your own mind.

To Start the Online Courses Click:  ONLINE COURSES           

The next Step beyond the Online Courses, if you want to expedite your Being Clean and Staying Clean is to Schedule  HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS 

Become Educated on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy by going to the EDUCATION tab and watching the Free Educational Videos that will answer all your questions.  By doing the Self Education first, it will absolutely save you time and money in session costs should you decide to get some further assistance. Even after you do the Self Education you may still need some assistance with some one who is a trained facilitator for few sessions to help eradicate the entities of Curiosity and Lust, and maybe some others. It speeds up your processes to have a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certified at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School. Graduates of the school are trained in helping with the Self-Abuse issues and other related experiences that may have been traumatic for you at one time.  If you are still living with sensitivities from past experiences, just that know you do not have to live that way.   

Feel free to schedule sessions by purchasing a package of sessions, or you can do them one at a time.  You can use the Contact Us form to let us know that you just purchased a package of sessions and remember that when you do it as a package of hypnotherapy sessions you save on the sessions and the Education Package when you purchase them together. We have large families, we understand and are interested in helping your out, it not all about the money for us.  You can call us to get on the schedule or when we see your purchase we will also contact you.

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