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Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports Mind Management

The "Sports Mind Management Seminars and Workshops" give you the information and skills you need to concentrate, stay focused, and "Keep your Head in the Game"! BE IN THE ZONE!

You will learn proven Self Hypnosis Techniques that are self-empowering, unifying the conscious and subconscious minds! The Information and Techniques taught here will improve your Golf Performance lowering your scores, and these trainings will give you Mental and Emotional skills you can utilize in everyday life. You will be doing, “Positive Mind Management”.

These Sports Seiminars/Workshops are powerful and beneficial presentations, as the information and trainings are life enriching and life changing in many positive ways. The information is about the way we think and maintain our emotional stability, enjoying greater focus and concentration abilities that are required to play "Great Golf", or other sports.

These Classes are New, Fresh, and Enlightening!

Sports are one of the best ways to reveal our selves to ourselves. It challenges us in hundreds of ways, and research scientists never seem to tire of exploring new ways and angles to improve performance, through equipment and individual conditioning, both physical and mental. Sports requires us to think of many things at once and challenges our athletic and emotional abilities continuously.

Schedule Sports Mind Management Seminars/Workshops for your Club or Golf Course Members and Patrons or for your next, Convention or Conference! Schedule a Workshop of Positive Mind Management Trainings and watch people actually make changes throughout the workshop. Yes, people love and enjoy the positive experience and actually do the work, making new changes.

These Presentations will be an ongoing Highlight at your Events!

Dr. Debbie Crews Phd. has worked with Dennis for several years improving sports performance with golfers utilizing   Positive Mind Management.

“I have been testing the effects of clinical hypnotherapy for several years with Dennis. http://certifiedhypnotherapytrainingschool.com/

Hear Debbie discussing mind mangement with Dennis for golf performace on a Podcast Radio Show: Click Here

Read about some of Debbie and Dennis' research with golfers: Click Here

The brain changes and becomes more coherent, synchronous and clear. The role of the  subconscious in      sport is tremendous. Having tested and worked with the conscious  mind for 30 years, I am grateful to have  these techniques (Spiritual Mind Management,  now being re-branded to Positive Mind Management) to work  with the subconscious mind  and unite the conscious and subconscious minds!”

Dr. Debbie Crews - http://optiherence.com/

Dr. Debbie Crews Ketterling is a Sport Psychology Consultant for the Arizona State University (ASU) Women’s Golf Team and a Faculty Research Assistant in the Professional Golf Management program at Arizona State University. She is also a Master Teacher with the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) and has been an LPGA National Education Program (NEP) Instructor since 1997. She has assisted with the development and research for LPGA teacher education programs since 1997. Her LPGA awards include Western Section Teacher of the Year 2001, Ellen Griffin Award 2011, Central Section Professional of the Year 2012. She also received the 2001 Best Science in Golf award from Golf Magazine.

Debbie is the Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf, the one research organization for golf, and editor of the International Journal of Golf Science. Over the past 25+ years her research has been published in numerous scientific journals and also in popular golf magazines (Golf Magazine, Golf Digest). She has assisted golfers to reach their playing goals on every tour. She received her B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1974 and her M.S. and Ph.D. from ASU in 1980 and 1989, respectively.

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