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Pre-Pay Discount + Bundle = SUPER SAVINGS PACK!!!

  • + ( 3 ) 1 Hour & 15 Minute PMMCC Hypno-Sessions with Chris Parker These individual Hypno-Sessions with W. Dennis Parker can be completed either IN-PERSON at our office in Farr West UT or ONLINE via Skype or Zoom.
  • + ( 1 ) EDUCATION PACK - HARD COPY =  
    This Includes 1 Paperback Copy of each of our 4 Top-Selling Books + 2 CD Downloads / Hypnotic Tracks for JUST $145 (retails @ $185).

    🎯+ The Emotional Skills & Tools of Positive Mind Management 
    🎯+ Spiritual Mind Management
    🎯+ Teach The Children Emotional Control
    🎯+ Protocols of Adversarial Resistance  
    🎯+ Enhanced Self-Esteem & Personal Improvement CD Download 
    🎯+ Health & Weight Management CD Download 

    PLEASE NOTE - These downloadable versions of Dennis's 2 most popular "White Series" CD's are fully therapeutic, will greatly assist you in making the lasting, positive changes you want & you can start using them NOW!

    The Enhanced Self Esteem & Personal Improvement CD Download should be rotated daily with the Health & Weight Management CD Download. We suggest you play these on repeat at night while you sleep, as you will receive the desired suggestions at the different trance levels, as you go down into & come up out of sleep - simply sleeping your way to better health, happiness & improved habits & behaviors.

    However, it is also important that you routinely listen to each of the CD Downloads when your awake so you can follow the “Therapeutic Prompts” set up to assist you in making the appropriate decisions & choices that will ensure your permanent new lifestyle changes. We suggest that you set your alarm an hour early, & continue to rest as you intentionally listen to the CD Download consciously, at least once each day for best results.

    = ALL COMBINED, the information included in this Education Pack is all the information you’ll need to make the amazing personal improvements you want plus, get the behavioral changes & emotional control you are looking for as well!


Regular Price Per-Single Session:  $135.00

Total If Each Session is Sold Separately:  $405.00  

+ Education Pack Valued Over:  $185.00  

=Total Price If Each Sold Separately: $590.00 


Your Pre-Pay Bundle Pack Discount Price = $505.00

PMMCC Hypno-Session 3+ ED-U BUNDLE PACK with Chris Parker

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