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Pain Management Acute & Chronic

A recent client experience

I have suffered from migraines since my early 20s. About seven years ago they got so bad I had a migraine almost daily for over a year.  I had all of the tests done, MRI, heart bubble study, CT scans etc.; but nothing showed why I was having such bad migraines. I have been on all of the different prophylactic medications for migraines, as well as acute medications for when they hit.  All of the medicines I have taken have had bad side effects, some that I am still dealing with after stopping the medication years ago and none of them took away my migraines.  I have had to just learn to live with them and occasionally I’ve been so sick I’ve had to go into the ER for stronger medication.  But even those medications don’t get rid of my migraines; they just help me sleep so it’s duller when I wake up.

Then I started my hypnotherapy with Dennis.  I knew to expect migraines because every time I talked about past emotional problems, it magnified my migraines by at least 10. The second time with Dennis, I just mentioned my migraine so he had me work on that first.  He got rid of my migraine that day, which in itself was amazing.  But I haven’t had one since , which is even more amazing!  I haven’t gone this long not only without a headache, but without a migraine. If this were the only benefit to hypnotherapy, it would have been enough, but it’s only a small part of the benefits!  I would recommend this to anyone experiencing pain, emotional problems, anxiety, low self-esteem… basically, you name it, and you can learn to control it!

Hypnotherapy to me has been instead of me letting the world control my decisions and reactions to things, I have now learned that I have control over my entire life!  - Megan

We address other long-term chronic pain successfully in the same way, pain that has no known or diagnosed attachment to any acute or chronic medical condition. Much of our success comes from teaching client’s self-hypnosis skills that help them learn to relax and sleep soundly, change their eating habits, and exercise regularly—all of which improve overall health.

Story -

The headache

It was during the afternoon class of the second week of hypnotherapist training that I had developed an extreme headache. It must have been obvious that I was in pain, because Dennis looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I thought my head was about to burst. He asked me if I knew of any organic pathology or reason why I was having this headache. I answered no, that I did not know of any reason I should be having it, other than I had been being triggered emotionally by the subjects of the day.

He explained that if it were psychosomatic induced pain that we could possibly clear it quite quickly and that if it was not emotionally induced and did not clear, then I should go be checked by my regular medical practitioners. He then asked if I would like some help with the headache pain. I said that I would appreciate it if there were something that could be done. He walked over to me, placed one hand on my head, and began to rotate my head in a counterclockwise fashion. He later explained to me that he did this as a misdirection to get my conscious mind out of the way so that my critical factor would be open where it would take in the intended suggestions.

As he was rotating my head, he made a number of positive suggestions and affirmations to me and asked me to lock onto them and make a choice to believe them or not. This lasted for maybe a minute or two. Then he asked me on the pain scale from 1 to 10 where my headache pain was just a minute before he started rotating my head. I told him that it was at an 8. He asked me where it was now and I told him that it was about a three or four.

Then he explained that there were still several more negative thoughts that were painful thoughts to me about me.  This time he had me lock onto the feelings of the pain itself. He had me go deeper into trance and asked me to hear and understand the voice that the pain represented. What was the pain saying to me about me in negative ways? I was able to identify these thoughts and tell him one by one what they were.  Each time he had me restate the negative self-defeating, self-incriminating, negative thoughts, with what he called the opposite truth for me. As I restated those thoughts, telling myself the opposite idea in positive ways, my pain levels continue to decrease.  We did this for a few more minutes until we had cleared all of my negative thinking.

My headache was completely gone and I was experiencing zero pain.  It was a surprising experience for me to learn that our own negative, self-incriminating, self-defeating thoughts are painful to us in our spirits and are manifested to us as pain in our minds and bodies.  When we learn to challenge and change them to new more appropriate thoughts that are the actual truth for us, the truth sets us free. I was immediately free of the painful headache and the entire process only took a few minutes.

We can successfully challenge and change self-incriminating and self-defeating thoughts.  However, if we allow them to once again be part of our thinking they can regenerate the previous painful conditions. Psychosomatically induced disease is caused by the release of maladaptive emotional content. This is the mind/brain/ body connection as I understand it.

Client Comments on her Experience with Dis-ease

A middle aged wife and mother of four children reports: I came to Dennis because it was suggested to me from a nurse practitioner that works in the same clinic as Dennis. I was having panic attacks and she felt it would help. I had seen his flyers in the office and read about hypnotherapy on the internet. I was curious about it but also nervous. I had gone to a stage show and been what is often referred to as hypnotized, but I knew this was something totally different.

I have a history of trauma which causes major anxiety. I was very nervous about going to Dennis because I was afraid of not being in control and feeling out of control is a major anxiety issue for me. So I went to Dennis because of panic attacks due to an eating disorder, past trauma panic attacks, and premenopausal.

When I came to the first visit I was very scared. Dennis talked with me and explained things and made sure I was okay with everything. I brought my husband for support. Dennis put us both at ease and was very open and honest and very comforting. I felt safe and supported.

Each visit was a time for me to work through things I hadn't been able to fully work through in the past. I have done lots of traditional talk therapy and other forms of therapy. The hypnotherapy helped me to fully work through some issues I never worked through. Each time I came in the office I felt I could be totally honest with Dennis. If I wasn't comfortable with something, I could tell him. He never pushed me, which was very important to me. Also he took time to explain the process so I knew what was going on. I felt as though I was in the process of this healing work. It wasn't something that was done to me, or done to "fix me", which was an issue for me with other therapies.

I learned to stay in the present. (Conscious) I use the tools I learned in hypnotherapy (Spiritual Mind Management) and I feel like I am on the path of healing and happiness, which is not something I have ever felt in the past.

Using Hypnotherapy to Heal the Body

This Intelligence-Brain-Body connection is one of the major reasons why working through past negative experiences is so important. As hypnotherapists, we can often alleviate painful thoughts, which in turn can improve health by alleviating physical pains. We teach people how to desensitize the thoughts that are causing the pain in the first place. That is how to make certain thoughts less sensitive by altering their perception of the memory and adjusting the amount of imagination they have applied to the event. In this way improved health, both mental and physical, is the natural result of doing behavioral change work that helps people recognize unnecessary negative thinking and accept more appropriate positive thinking in its place.

Much related information can be found online from searches for the mind-body connection or psychosomatic illness. One common example of successful hypnotherapy sessions that result in better physical health is the reduction of migraine headaches. People who come in for assistance with migraine headaches are usually thinking in terms of pain-control training, similar to training expectant mothers in painless birthing techniques. Thus, the main concern of the medical community about using hypnotherapy for pain control is that it might mask symptoms that are important for medical treatment. For instance, a doctor might worry that removing or relieving pain when someone has something like a brain tumor would simply delay a proper medical diagnosis.

However, no client I have ever worked with has come to see me before first seeking medical treatment for migraine headaches. Such clients show up at my door because they have been everywhere else and no one has yet come up with an answer as to why they are experiencing debilitating headaches. Since the normal course of allopathic treatment is to medicate (and not much else), the suffering person is still searching for answers and decides one day to try hypnotherapy.

I would also like to add that I have never seen anyone who has been taught self-hypnosis as hypnotherapy for pain control develop the ability to stay pain free for more than a short period of time in the wake of an ongoing organic pathology (like a virus or bacteria) or an acute injury.  As a hypnotherapist, I am always cautious in chronic pain situations. I ask the client to inform their doctors that they will be working with a hypnotherapist for behavioral modification. Sometimes I ask the client to obtain a prescription from their attending physician and to have the doctor call me if they have any questions or concerns; it depends on who referred them to me.

One of my associates or I will then proceed to do the hypnotherapy work of discovering what painful thoughts are in the person’s subconscious. We know how to desensitize the painful thoughts stemming from events or experiences; we can also help the person shut down the specific thought that is being amplified through the imagination, thereby stopping the emotional content or electrical energy that is causing the pain. When this is accomplished successfully for those who do not have a clear medical reason for the pain, the mind relaxes and shuts off the pain-causing maladaptive frequencies, and the pain dissipates. This is our normal course of action for helping people to eliminate migraines that were caused unbeknownst to themselves by their emotions.

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