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What does W. Dennis Parker Believe and Why does he Teach all of his training's from a Christian Perspective?


Recommended Steps:

Step One: I have a large family and know how expensive it can be to get help for family members and myself.  Save yourself time and money in personal improvement costs by doing what you can for yourself first.  Start by obtaining the Educational Package and learn The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management, learn how your spirits' mind works with the 'Spiritual Mind Management' book, and then learn how to resist the devil and have attached entities flee from you shutting down the overpowering 'white knuckling' emotions with the 'Protocols of Adversarial Resistance'. The children's version of Thinking About Your Thoughts is helpful for everyone, adults as well, as it gives a simple explanation and helps simplify things when you first start down this path of thinking differently.

You want this educational package as it is required reading and listening should you later decide you want to work with one of our hypnotherapist's trained at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School to expedite your being clean and staying FREE.  By giving yourself this self education first it will make it so you require fewer sessions.  Studying and listening to the CD's  will implant a new level of personal 'Impulse Control' that you don't have now.  The Two CD's are fully therapeutic and assist with both physical habits and emotional self-esteem issues.  You especially want the CD's as part of your therapy process, because impulse control is a major problem when involved in pornography and again, we are building in a  powerful and freeing layer of internal 'Impulse Control" as you listen to the CD's!

educational package

Step Two:

Watch and Listen to the following explanation videos and live sessions of people overcoming adversarial attachments (below) utilizing the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance.  These are actual live sessions accomplished with clients who have given permission to show and demonstrate what is being taught here, because they wanted to help others be FREE.  Once now FREE, and they know the benefits of learning and doing what is being taught here, they wanted to help you through their experiences.  The transcripts of these sessions are in the book, Protocols of Adversarial Resistance. You would benefit by listening to these sessions and reading along with them in your copy of the Protocols book.

Dennis explaining Pornography and How to use the information in the Educational Package to overcome it.

This is a live presentation at the 'Firm Foundation - Book of Mormon Conference, held this past April.

Resistance Session Examples given here are from the  'Protocols of Adversarial Resistance" book.  

The full Protocols are complete in Chapter Four!

You would benefit by reading the transcripts in the book as you listen to these live session recordings:

- Chapter 6:  21 year old man- home off of his mission and struggling  with influences in Pornography

Chapter 8: A 50 year old man overcoming Adversarial Influences in Pornography

Chapter 10: A Missionaries Fearful Adversarial Experience - Generating Stomach Problems

Step Three: Further Self-Learning and Instructions in our Online Program:

This portion of the training's is not quite done yet, but we are steadily working on it.  We will have it available in a couple of weeks.  This gives you just enough time for your to get your Educational Package and study the processes and protocols.  But for now, after you study your educational package, you can go onto step four and get it done in person, or on Zoom.us or SKYPE, clinical hypnotherapy sessions nationwide/worldwide with Dennis or one of our competent hypnotherapists trained at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School. Just Contact Us and let us know how you wish to proceed, or go and buy a package of sessions and we will get you scheduled and started being Clean and FREE!

Step Four: Expedite Yourself being Clean and Staying Clean - Being Free and Staying FREE!

Work with Dennis or one of the Hypnotherapists he has trained in these Positive Mind Management Skills and Tools and the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance. Please Contact Us and let us know how you wish to proceed.

Pre-Paid Packages are the way to save time and money.  If you have thoroughly studied the books and have listened to the CD's for a month at night on repeat, you will learn the rest of the things you need to know and get some of the deeper clinical hypnotherapy work done clearing up your fixations of emotions to memories, and get assistance in freeing your self from entity attachments in approximately three sessions.

If you are not a book reader and just want to come in and learn as you go it will take you somewhere from 6 - 9 sessions on average.

If you just want to do a session and see what it will be like for you then go to:Individual Sessions

If your order your session with the Educational Package you get an additional discount saving more money.

Purchase the full course by clicking the picture below. 

Pornography - free yourself

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