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We have power granted by grace through Jesus Christ’s atonement to alter our lives permanently in every way. We need to recognize the adversary's snares and move forward in faith and cast him out; then no habit or sin can hold us bound, no matter how many times we have previously given up in frustration or despair. The joy such changes can bring are particularly sweet to those who have long struggled with the darkness of serious sin, especially sin that opens us up to adversarial attachments and is defined as addictive in nature.

When it comes to drugs, violence, sexual deviance, pornography, and the like, the world has little in the way of cures to offer. Rehabilitation and support programs abound, but their ratio of radically and positively changed lives remains small. In contrast, an understanding of the effects and influences of evil spirits in these situations, and how they can be resisted and cast out through the protocols of adversarial resistance taught here, and with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, can bring about desired permanent changes, repentance, thus creating a new life. No addiction—meaning captivation, being snared, being trapped, being seduced, being enticed, being vexed—is too strong or too deep for the truth to set you free and to enjoy the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Once an improper act takes place, the completed sin opens the door to adversarial entity attachment. We are then open to additional possession by entities. Satan has more power in us, which he uses to bind us securely to our sexual sins by sending additional spirits to inspire feelings of frustration, doubt about ourselves, feelings of not being good enough, anger, despair, hopelessness, degradation, worthlessness, and so forth. These spirits try to magnify the guilt, shame, regret, and remorse that we already feel. They whisper to us that we can’t repent, that there is no hope for us now. They say that no one seems to have the answer, so how can we hope to change?  There is no way to change, they tell us this is just the way I am.                                                                                                                          

These degrading spirits try to develop within us a feeling of despair, a feeling that we are lost, and a hopeless feeling that we can never overcome these things. To the extent that we believe and accept these evil thoughts and feelings, we become bound down, one thought upon another, one spirit upon another, with what the scriptures call "the chains of hell."  This downward spiral will continue unabated until we obtain the knowledge, and thus the power, to free ourselves from eventual destruction.

In a letter published in a “Dear Abby” column years ago, an imprisoned child molester's words indicate how hopeless it feels for one who hasn't found this information that could set him free.

He states:  ‘I am now serving a 20-year sentence in a Texas prison for a crime I committed against a 7-year-old boy in Amarillo, where I was on parole after having served time in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona for sex crimes committed on little boys from 2 years old up to 12.

I can't count the number of little boys I have violated. I know I am sick and have begged to be locked up and put away so I couldn't repeat this despicable behavior. I have had treatment, and I thought I was cured, but the first chance I got, I did the same thing over again... I hate myself the way I am. I am hopeful I will one day be able to get the kind of help I need so I will be normal and free of this terrible curse.’

 This man is one of many who wants help, who needs help, but doesn't know where to go to get help. Yes, I am proposing that with ‘The Emotional Tools and Skills of Positive Mind Management to manage our minds in normal ranges, including imaginary ranges, and with ‘The Protocols of Adversarial Resistance’ this man would have the knowledge and truths to use his personal power of his own agency to be set FREE. In overcoming such problems, not only does he need to know how the entity attachments keep driving him into the same these deviant behaviors, he also needs to pray, to call upon God, and rely in faith upon his Lord and Redeemer receiving additional strength and enlightenment. Following the correct principles set forth here, and in the scriptures, he can be freed from these thoughts and feelings. He does not have to continue to live with and accept the presence of evil spirits with their unrighteous desires they are using to bind him to this behavior.  The Truth will Set him FREE!                                                       

Let's take a close look at serious sin and how these principles can open a door for escape where none seemed possible. A discussion of sexual sin reveals the way all addictive sin takes hold of those individuals who yield to temptation.

Some professionals call obsession with pornography a disease. I find that the ones who come in to do therapy with me who want to claim it is a disease, are usually the ones who are looking for excuses for failure in advance to keep doing it. "It’s not my fault. What do you want me to do about it?  I have this disease."

I teach them that I do not believe in addiction, at least in pornographic addiction. I ask them some questions. "Do you have to sit and look at pornography in Sacrament Meeting? You have your phone in one hand looking at pornography and you are taking the sacrament with your other hand?  You just can’t help yourself; you just have to do it?"

The answer is always, "Well no, of course I wouldn’t do that."        

"Well then, do you have to do it at work or at school, on your breaks or lunch hours?" 

"No, of course not. I would get suspended or fired if I were caught doing those things at work."           

"Well then, do you have to do it at night around your family while at the dinner table or during Family Home Evening?  You just can’t control yourself. You are this out-of-control addict and you have this disease."           

"No, that’s silly. I’d never do that either."           

Then I explain to them that this is not an out-of-control addiction or disease kind of problem. It is a motivational problem. Why are you not as motivated to stay in control the rest of the day as much as you are in those times?  Of course, the answer is that they don’t feel a sense of fear or danger of being caught in those specific times, because there would be huge consequences. Afterwards, I take them through a number of Scriptures proving that they are always in the Lord’s presence; not a hair of their head falls to the ground that our Father in Heaven doesn’t know of it. He knows all things at all times. He knows everything perfectly. There is never a time that He is not fully aware of us. It is not about him becoming more aware of us; it is about us being more aware of his awareness of us. Father in Heaven can tell you what you had for breakfast seven years ago on any day. We are never alone or out of His sight and knowledge of our thoughts and actions.

They need to fear God and His future justice upon them should they not repent and then experience the consequences of their choices and actions. Then if fear is a motivator to them, they need to know how real these consequences are and that in the end if they do not fully clear up these things there will be "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth" as part of their repentance. So, I will go through a number of motivational reasons to give this up as well. We will review them again when we get to the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance.

Perhaps we could say more accurately that it is a dis-ease, a disharmony in our spirit’s mind or uneasiness in our intelligence, being in the imagination of the mind as an unrighteousness and unrepentant sin. Above all, pornography totally opens up a person's mind and body to possession by unclean spirits who want to participate in perverted acts and evil spirits who seek the person's final destruction. Like the criminals quoted above, people who have traveled far down the road in these things describe the feelings as urges that overcome them and control them: as influences that overpower them. They recognize the urges as something foreign to them, or even as coming from the pornography itself. Even though they accept the thoughts and feelings planted in them and act them out, there is the strong possibility that, had they been taught the source of such feelings and urges, they could have gained power to take control of their lives and have avoided the terrible consequences of total sin.           

Most of us will admit that a murderer or serial killer could be possessed by evil spirits. Yet how did he or she descend to such a state?  When did evil spirits take control of their life?  And what actions on their part first allowed entities access to their mind and heart?  Perhaps their path downward is not much different than the one many of us are experiencing right now, except that the murderer has already traveled to the end of the path. Perhaps they have only arrived there ahead of those of us who are still hiding our sins, who are unwilling to repent, and leave behind a path that leads solely to the destruction of ourselves and others.           

Other people and therapies are worthwhile in these matters only to the extent that they help you overcome deceptions and bring you to the faith in Christ required to gain control over the adversary. Now is the time to stop deceiving yourself and to counsel with your spiritual adviser, someone who understands these principles and has the faith to assist you to bring about righteousness.           

Was Bundy’s life a total waste?  Maybe not. There have been many people who, upon hearing or reading this interview, have decided to change. He is having a positive effect on many, because his story helps them recognize that they are on the same road he traveled. One such young man heard the Bundy interview and wrote a compelling letter, which was read on K-Talk radio in Salt Lake City, Utah:           

"It was chilling to me to read Ted Bundy’s involvement in pornography at a very young age, and how it had progressed step by step, because I see a parallel with my own life. If you knew me, you would think I was a normal person, even an exceptionally good and bright person. I have two wonderful parents who taught me right from wrong; always set a good example for me. I had brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces, all [whom I] loved. I had a good job; enjoyed all kinds of summer and winter sports, but I am what I call a pornoholic. And I hate myself for it and the things I have done. I know the total blame has to be my own, but pornography more than helped get me to where I am today and has polluted my mind with filth that I will take with me to the grave.

"...People don’t realize, speaking for myself, how much I want to stop. All I hear from others is their hate for me, and from the experts that there is no help for me. Just lock me away and throw away the key. I am a normal kid. I was never abused. I was happy. I started experimenting with masturbation when I was about 12, and found that looking at Playboy magazines was very exciting. Soon, when I was older, I had the courage to purchase my own magazines. The next big step I made was when I went to my first X-rated movie. Going from photos to moving pictures was like going to a hard-line drug. Although I have never used drugs, not even marijuana, or drank, for that matter, I can imagine what it must be like. I can understand what it must be like for alcoholics, that they have AA; I have nothing.

"I have had opportunities to marry, and I long for a normal relationship with a mature female. But not only am I afraid of ruining somebody else’s life, but after all these years...I find myself avoiding serious relationships and dating. It is much easier to go to a magazine. The problem is, it is never enough. Pornography would arouse me physically, but I had no outlet. I then started exposing myself in public to girls of all ages. It satisfied a sexual need I had. Even though I hated myself for it, I couldn’t stop. Just like Bundy, when the urge comes, it’s like an uncontrollable power takes me over, and all reason and good intention are driven away, and locked behind some great door.   

"When I started fondling my nieces, I finally went to get help from a therapist who told me that they would have to report it to the police, and I agreed...Since I came forth voluntarily, I was put on probation, and required to pay a fine and do some community service. Only my family knows. But I know that I will never be the same in their eyes. It was so wonderful, finally getting it all out in the open, and starting over again, but it didn’t last. Since that time, I have continued to expose myself in public, to girls both old and young. If I tell or go for help, I will go to Jail. I will break my parents’ hearts, and hurt the people I love again, and so I keep trying to stop on my own... I have been tempted to get my hands on the real hard types of pornography, the kind that is illegal. But I have never done so, knowing inside that I would just be taking one more step, opening another Pandora’s box. After reading Ted Bundy’s words, I would be terrified to do so. And I am more committed than ever to staying away from pornography of any type.             

"You wanted to know what we could possibly learn from someone like Bundy. Well, then, learn from me. I know. I know only too well. If I am a small minority, the way they say, then why is pornography such a big business?  And who really knows how many are raped each year?  Or how many children abused?  Or how many marriages are broken up, reported and unreported, because of the influence of pornography?  My heart aches for the little ones that I have offended. I am truly sorry for those I have hurt...           

"Please help, people understand my words. It saddens me to hear them defend these things. They are mistaken. I am glad I will be judged by God and not men, because if I come forward, all I will receive is hate, not justice. Hate, not help. Until this changes somehow, others like myself will be afraid to come forward, and afraid if they don’t. For now, I will keep trying to stop on my own."  (AFRAID AND SO ALONE--From the Nels Crenshaw show, K-TALK Radio)

           We are proposing that we have some answers that this young man needed and may still need. 

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