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Some have experienced rejections in their attempts at relationships and feel vulnerable to attempt making new ones. The people on the pages or videos, don’t reject them, it’s not personal, and therefore it’s not personally satisfying.  So, after the pornography encounter, they feel even more lonely and disgusted with themselves, and these entities once again prompt them to seek further relief by doing the very thing again that is creating the personal emotional and physical pain in the first place.  This is the downward spiral identified by some people as the addiction. It is a continual seeking of relief from what is causing the pain in the first place, by using what is causing the pain as the relief, so we have more pain, and seek more relief from the very thing that is causing the pain, and so it goes on and on.

I now receive referrals from ecclesiastical leaders, doctors, and many parents and grandparents, and I have assisted hundreds of young people to take control of their lives and be prepared to go on missions or get married. I have worked with many who have returned home early from their mission for emotional issues or misdeeds. We will discuss a few of those as well. I also work with individuals and couples in assisting them to understand and overcome pornographic influences and hold their marriages together and take their relationships to new levels of trust, respect, and love again, as these influences are understood and overcome. 

 There are many areas of adversarial influence we could discuss. It would cover the entire range of negative spiritual gifts that evil and unclean spirits possess. But, in this book, I feel to make a major teaching focus of what I observe in helping people with overcoming pornographic and suicidal influences. As you come to understand how to deal with the adversarial influences associated with pornography and suicide, you will also know how to deal with most of whatever else the devil is doing with entity attachments.

Satan uses specific strategic tag teams of evil spirits with each attempt to make us miserable, discourage us, create despair, and seek to have us destroy ourselves. Devils seek any vulnerability they can exploit within us, and any self-incriminating belief we might accept, ‘I am too tall or I am too short’. All of these entity tag teams are employed with those caught up in pornography, however, there are two primary ones, evil entities with the negative emotional spiritual gifts of curiosity and lust. The adversary is using this snare of pornography to trap far too many and to ruin too many marriages and families, by destroying love. Love is a compound emotion made up of trust, respect, gratitude, and appreciation for what the other person does for us in our lives. When we tell someone we love them, we are saying that we trust, respect, and appreciate them. We have gratitude for what they do for us and want them in our life. When pornography is introduced into the relationship, it destroys trust, respect, gratitude and appreciation and they feel it as a betrayal of the relationship. I am not saying that the relationship can’t be rebuilt, I work successfully with couples every day to do this, but sometimes it can take years to ever get back to the levels of trust and respect that were enjoyed before, and sometimes the relationship never recovers.

Excerpts from: Protocols of Adversarial Resistance - Session Transcript

Dennis:            I'm going to tap you on your right knee. I want you to put eleven-year-old you over here, at the first time you saw pornography. You said you moved to Ohio, you had some friends, I'm going to tap you on your left knee. Put your friends and buddies over on your left knee, who got you involved in this. You got it? In this state you can see, hear, feel, and talk to them. I want you with your head against the chair to see the eleven-year-old you out here. You have to teach him some things. First thing I want you to teach him is the fact and the reason why the adversary wants to use pornography to destroy homes and families. But we're going to get really clear with him, because this is the motivational factor to pornography. I'm going to teach you; you’re going to teach him.

 The first thing I want you to teach him is that love is a very compound emotion. I believe that love is made up of respect, trust, gratitude for the other person being in our life, appreciation for all the things they do for us, love is a very compound emotion. When we tell someone we love them, we are really saying, ‘I trust and respect you’, and so forth. Now here's the adversarial plot, that's very simple, I see it here every day. The adversary wants to keep you dabbling in this, so you could rationalize and say, 'Well, I haven’t done it in six months, it's okay for me to look again, well I'll just look a little bit, just a little, one more time won’t matter.  I've repented so many times, I know I'll repent again.’

 The adversary wants to bombard us with those fiery darts of stinking thinking thoughts around this issue. 2 Nephi 28:22 says, ‘the devil whispers in our ears’. He whispers in our ears in first person I language. ‘I am no devil, for there is none, thus he whispers in our ears’. He whispers in first person because he is the one who says 'I want to go look for what I may not have seen yet, I wonder what she looks like without her clothes on’. All those ‘I’ language temptation kind of thoughts. They have the power and ability to bombard us with them, but we have the power, ability, agency and choice, to accept or reject them. Now, if the adversary could keep you accepting, if you’re accepting those thoughts and you dabble in pornography from time to time, just as you said, you’re not married, you want to get married, you want to have a family, you want to have this over with before you do, is that true?

 That is what you told me earlier, but the adversary plot is pretty simple. The plot is if you keep messing around with this, he’s going to set you up for failure. The way he does it is you’re going to get married and you might not mess around with pornography for a couple of years.  Then one night your wife is at a relief society or a young women's function or something, and your home watching the baby or doing your work or whatever, and all of a sudden, you get bombarded.  All of these fiery darts are going into your head, you’re going to get tempted is what it's called, you’re going to get enticed, you’re going to get seduced, all those thoughts are going to come into your head, that you have been use to giving way too. The Devil is a long-term strategic planner and an opportunist. Entities will say, ‘If you want to look now you can, it’s been a long time, you've missed out, you don’t know what you’re not getting to see now, all that kind of crap, and the entities are going to do this temptation thought bombardment at the very time they know your wife's coming home.

 If you go turn on the computer and your looking, absorbed in what you are doing, and she comes around the corner in perfect timing, because the adversary knows where she is at, he knows how to set all of this up for destruction of love. He's been doing this for thousands of years now. Your wife walks in, she sees you on the computer looking at other naked women, what just happened to the respect?

 Client:              She's devastated.

 Dennis:            Yep, what’s just happened to the trust?

 Client:              It’s broken.

 Dennis:            How grateful is she all of a sudden, she's married to you?

 Client:              She's not.

 Dennis:            And what happens to her appreciation that you’re her husband and you’re supposed to be her long-term eternal companion?

 Client:              It’s shattered.

 Dennis:            Now I'm not saying that those things can’t be repaired over time, but sometimes it takes years and decades to repair those kinds of damages. It’s far better to never have to experience it in the first place, do you understand?

 Client:              Yeah.

 Dennis:            The whole trap is to destroy love. Meaning respect, trust, gratitude, appreciation. It's no different if you were out at the young men's event and you came home one night and you walk in and she's on a computer and she's sitting there looking at other naked men. How would you feel?

 Client:              Bad, I wouldn’t like that.

 Dennis:            No, they don’t like it either. So, as a motivational issue the number one answer is to just make the decision, to be clean and just stay clean. Then you never have to worry about it. When those fiery darts come in, you've got to learn to bounce them out, just reject them, bounce them out. Now we haven’t taught you exactly how to do all that yet, but we will. But it’s pretty simple, you've got to become aware, you've got to discern that some thoughts that come in your mind are not even your thoughts. They are these thoughts of temptation and when you recognize these first-person thoughts of temptation, then you can say in your mind, this isn’t even me, this isn’t even coming from me. The devils are they're attempting to trick me, again. But you already know what these temptation thoughts are, don’t you?

 Client:              Yeah.

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