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A.D.D. A.D.H.D. A Non Medical Approach

A Non-Medical Approach for ADD and ADHD

Read a Mothers experience with her 5 year old learning these protocols and then watch a 10 year old learn to shut down 'Night Terrors'!

Mother of four children:

I brought my 5 year old son in to see Dennis because of erratic out of control and very destructive behaviors.  As a mom I was at my wits end.  I explained to Dennis that he is very angry much of the time. When we entered the office he was being his usual overactive little self.  He was climbing all over the place during the first part of our appointment, climbing on me, the chairs, up and down, repeatedly.  He would talk out of turn, and was intentionally being disruptive teasing his baby sister.   With coaxing, he cooperated with Dennis as he tested his imagination functioning with the Rose visualization.  (To be explained in great detail later in chapter………) and he got it spot on.  Once we knew he was functioning correctly in his imagination Dennis went on to teach us some mind management techniques of how to control his imagination and by doing so how it adjusts his emotions.  While we were discussing things in response to disciplining him he said “I hate you” to me.  He had been saying this a lot and was mad much of the time.

Dennis asked him if he were angry now, and he said yes.  He asked him to put his finger on the spot where he felt he was the angriest. My son did so, and then Dennis asked him what was going on in his mind under his finger on the spot that he where he was so angry?  My son said that he was mad his brother and sister!  When asked why, “he said because they break my toys and mommy makes me share them and I don’t want to share them, because they break my toys!”

Dennis challenged him, “Do you really hate your brother and sister, or do you just hate it when they break your toys?” He said, “I love my brother and sister, but I get so mad when they break my toys.”   Then Dennis showed him how to move the thoughts, the memory, and the emotion of anger from the place under his finger to another place in his mind of desensitization.  He did so and the anger and the experience were desensitized in his mind.  It changed from not wanting to share to “maybe I can share my toys sometimes,” to “It makes by brother and sister happy when I share my toys.”  Dennis asked him how he was feeling now, and he said, “Happy”, and was finally naturally smiling! “Is the anger gone? Yes, I don’t feel it.”

Dennis observed though that he was still competing with him for my attention.  He would keep interrupting us with questions such as, “Can we go now?”   Dennis asked him to come over by him and asked him to now close his eyes down and go inside again, and think about what he wanted from his mommy?  He did so and said, “I want my mommy to love me more.”  Dennis had him put his finger on his head where he felt that he wasn’t loved enough. He did so and then he showed my son how to adjust mommy’s love for him, turning it up, increasing the feeling that he is loved and lovable.  It has been six months now after our appointment with Dennis he has yet to say “I hate you” to me.

Dennis showed him how to adjust his emotions, using mind management principles to either turn his emotions up or down, depending on how he wanted to feel.  He felt more loved and secure, and then surprisingly he immediately quieted down and all of the hyperactivity left his body.  He stopped climbing on everything including me, mom.

He then asked Dennis if he had some toys with which he could play?  Dennis gave him some paper and pencil and asked him to draw some pictures.  He did so and focused in on the task of drawing him and mommy.  For the first time in his life he actually was entertained to draw a picture and drew a picture with detail.  I didn't think he was capable of doing so.   His grandmother who was also in the room, said that this was the first time they had ever seen him slow down long enough to focus on anything.  She stated that they could never get him to attempt learning numbers or his alphabet, and so forth.

He didn't pester his baby sister or me for the rest of the time.   I continue to work with him at home from what we learned in the session and from reading the book, “Spiritual Mind Management.”   It's his special treatment and he has named it, “head magic”.  He comes and asks me to do “head magic” on him if he is emotionally uncomfortable.  He even came to me when I was upset at him and did “head magic” on me!  My sweet little affectionate boy is back!  He still has his moments, and will only work with me on doing “head magic” when he wants to, but he is doing so much better.    He knows that he is in charge of his emotions, and now it is a choice to do so.

Dennis has discovered how the imagination works and assists children and adults to learn to control their emotions by learning how to control their imaginations.  Watch Calleigh a 10 year old learn how to overcome 'Night Terrors', understanding and utilizing these new Mind Management skills and tools.


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