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The Services of Positive Mind Management
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P.M.M. for Enhanced Sales Performance
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P.M.M. for Improved Sports Performance
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P.M.M. for Emotional Control - Desensitize from Abuse - PTSD
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P.M.M. as A Nonmedical Approach for ADD and ADHD
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P.M.M. for Overcoming Pornographic Influences
Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help You Or Someone You Love To Break Free From Pornography.
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P.M.M. to Achieve Healthy Weight Goals
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help To Achieve Healthy Weight Goals.
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P.M.M. to Manage Acute and Chronic Pain
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P.M.M. For Single Adults Seeking Relationships
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Someone Who Is Frustrated And Hopeless About Being Single.
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P.M.M. for New or Established Couples
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help New or Established Couples.
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P.M.M. for Grieving - Unresolved Death - Divorce
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- P.M.M. is an exceptionally powerful therapy for bringing closure to grieving.
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P.M.M. to Mentally Prepare LDS or Other Missionaries
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help You Or Someone You Love Prepare Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually For A Successful Mission.
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What is "Positive Mind Management"?

This Website is Currently Under Construction. 

Some parts are further along than others so it is online, but we are working on it presently.


Dennis is speaking at the Firm Foundation - Book of Mormon Conference this past April

He explains how hypnosis and hypnotherapy is pondering and meditation when done correctly and explains how other forces in life that we exposed to as humans have effect on us. Dennis give a clear explanation of how the mind works and the benefits of using hypnotherapy for stress/worry induced illnesses and overcoming such behaviors as pornography.


Positive Mind Management (Formerly called, 'Spiritual Mind Management'.) training's teach new mental and emotional skills utilized as tools to manage our thoughts, control our imaginations, alter the perceptions of our memories, and collapse old unwanted emotions, thus controlling our out of control deviant behaviors.  It starts with the premise of how our spirits mind, the mind of our spirit works and houses our 'Intelligence" which thinks and controls the brain.  Then the brain controls the body, Hypnotherapy then is spiritual work, as it has to do with correcting 'thinking errors' that are occurring in our spirits mind. 

Again, it is our spirits mind that thinks and so we teach these concepts from a Christian viewpoint of the spirit as that is the viewpoint we know best. Whatever other belief or name you want to give to our spirit or that part of us that animates us and makes us think, move, and breathe, feel free to do so, but here we are identifying it as our, Intelligence.

The reason we teach from this Christian basis is that this is all about our spirits mind, which is the part of us that thinks, and overcoming 'thinking errors' housed in our spirits mind.  It is our spirits mind that thinks and then these thoughts are transferred as neurological frequencies generated in the brain. The brain is the body part that connects the mind of our spirit to the physical body (brain), and then the brain operates as the frequency center controlling the body electric, or immune system energy as we like to call it.

What you will learn here and at CHTS is the ultimate in energy work is hypnotherapy when accomplished in the ways we teach it.  You will learn to assist yourself and others manage our minds belief system thoughts at both conscious and subconscious levels, you are controlling energetic frequencies. Thoughts are frequencies in the brain, and the energy generated by these thoughts are what is identified as emotions, emotions are the immune system frequencies that either promote positive healing, or negative energies knocking the normal immune frequencies off regular healthy frequencies and creating dis-ease or disease.  When you learn to assisit your clients cleanse their negative thoughts, you are re-setting compromised immune frequencies back into frequency states of health and healing.

I present hypnosis and hypnotherapy when done correctly from my view point as pondering and meditation as taught in the Bible.  I teach this information from a Christian background of Bible information and additional teachings and scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   Most everyone who learns and utilizes these new Positive Mind Management unique processes as enhanced emotional skills and tools, understanding them from this spiritual perspective, quickly overcome their problem.  They are enlighten with this information in ways that are self-empowering.   

We call it learning from the inside-out.  If you feel inclined to study more of what you are being taught here, then maybe this is part of your path of self-improvement and healing as well.  You will find joy and happiness in these training's and you will want to then assist others, because these processes really work!

Positive Mind Management Clinical Hypnotherapy protocols of how to utilize our spirits mind functions to manage our thoughts, thus controlling the brain and body, have been learned in my attending training in hypnotherapy school and developed over the past 30 years by W. Dennis Parker CHT, through observations in thousands of Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions and additional inspirational insights.

Dennis explains that he has received insights into how our spirit's mind works and the functions of the subconscious mind, especially how the imagination works.  The imagination is a key component to behaviors and is mentioned in the scriptures 37 times.

Understanding the imagination and knowing how to intentionally adjust it is a powerful key to Positive Mind Management Clinical Hypnotherapy.  It is this understanding of the mind and how the imagination affects each component of the subconscious mind, of memories and emotions, that gives us a personal control point over our emotions.  When it is understood that the imagination can turn emotions up or down, as a dial in the subconscious, you can start to use it to control such things as fears, anger, inappropriate pornographic arousal, and such things as food cravings. All emotions can be more or less controlled in this manner.  Pornographic influences are as much an imagination problem as they are anything else. This is a key to how we get such quick results with clients in overcoming such behaviors.

Here is an actual Positive Mind Management session that we have been given permission from the parents to air in an effort to assist more people understand the quick results in behaviors that can be achieved through these processes.

Please take the time to watch Calleigh overcome 'anxieties and fears' that have plaged her for many years now as a 10 year old youth.  Children and adults that have been stuck in their subconscious can have their Intelligence get fixated in the subconscious imaginations and memories causing such problems as: bed-wetting, anxiety, fears, phobias, social anxiety, seek pornographic arousal, and many others.  Please read, Spiritual Mind Management by W. Dennis Parker, attend some of our upcoming Seminars/Workshops/Webinars and learn these exceptionally valuable mind management skills and tools to assist yourself and your children learn to control their thoughts and emotions.  Enjoy the learning as you watch an actual session of Dennis working with a youth who is having many emotional and behavioral issues.

Studying the book, 'Spiritual Mind Management' will save you time and money in hypnotherapy sessions as you learn the fundamental principles first.  You will get more done in each hypnotherapy session, and require less sessions, because you have some understanding of mind management from reading about it, first.                                                                 

Order a Hard Copy of 'Spiritual Mind Management', Here:

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  Order a PDF Download Version of, 'Spiritual Mind Management', Here: $17.00


Thank You Note from a Young Married Woman: She wanted more children, but was experiencing emotional difficulties and was not fully enjoying intimacy.

Dennis Parker,

I am forever grateful to you for the tools you gave me to free myself from depression and the counsel and wisdom I received from you to take control of my thoughts and my life. I am amazed at the wonderful year I have had since completing sessions with you. So many things have changed for the better, but expecting a baby, I never could have believed! Our little boy is due ____________, and we await his arrival with great excitement. I have had an incredible - blissful pregnancy and long-awaited (____years) miracle.

I wanted to tell you myself - even though you might have heard through _____________________. And I wanted you to know how grateful I am that __________________ recommended I see you. I am so grateful to you for sharing your unique skills and gifts.

Much Love,



 Positive Mind Management's behavioral model is also different.

 A Generally Accepted Behavioral Model:

 We think it

 We feel it

We do it

According to Spiritual Mind Management:

We are to think with awareness of our thoughts.

We are to analyze and logically assess our thoughts.

When we decide if the thought/idea/belief is right, true, and correct, for us, or not

We either give it subconscious access or we reject it, in effect bounce it out

When subconscious access is allowed

We amplify it in our imagination

We locate memories to justify, validate, and defend it

We feel it

We do it


Where do these powerful emotions come from that drive our behaviors?


Our emotions drive our behaviors because we tend to behave the way we feel.  

Positive Mind Management has to do with the premise that we have a spirit within, a soul if you, or inner-self, or whatever you wish to call that part of us that animates us as physical beings, and leaves when we die. Each of us has as part of our inner spiritual beings a mind, some want to call it our higher self or other such names, but we want to call it our 'Intelligence', that guides our thoughts and directs our brains, and then our brain directs our body.  It moves from place to place in our spirits mind, 'thinking'.  It moves from consciousness which is outward observation, learning and focus, being present or mindful, to our subconscious imagination where amplification of any thought, belief, or idea can be enlightened and expanded. Then to searching our memories to justify with validating data the thoughts and beliefs we have already accepted as truth. The degree to which we amplify a given thought/belief/idea in our imagination plus the frequency with which we recall data from our memories to validate that thought/belief/idea yields the level of emotional content that we feel and call our emotions.  The amount of emotions we feel drives the extent of or the extreme nature of our behaviors. 



Admittedly, I am presenting this information from a Christian background of Bible information and additional teachings and scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe these processes are best understood from these viewpoints.  I ask you to consider what is being suggested and taught, pray about whether or not you are to be involved with these processes.  Most everyone that learn these new and unique processes overcome their problems and feel they have been directed to this information.  They feel a need to then assist others and help them to understand how they can overcome their personal problems as well.  We call it learning from the inside-out.  If you feel inclined to study more of what you are learning here, then maybe this is part of your path of learning and healing as well, and the way you are to assist others, because these processes really work!


Positive Mind Management Principles:

  1. Principle - Our Spirit Has a Mind – Our Spirit Mind Controls the Brain, Thought and Emotion Frequencies, then the Brain Controls the Frequencies controlling the Body – (Abraham 3 – D&C 93) it is to be understood that our spirits mind and its functions can be utilized correctly to make immediate behavioral modifications that are permanent in nature, and can be controlled by each individual.  Individuals learn to manage their own minds with their God given abilities of agency and choice, to choose correctly according to the dictates of their conscience, and prompting of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. 

Quotes:  Daniel H. Ludlow

“According to the Prophet Joseph Smith, our minds or intelligence's—those parts of our being with which we think and make choices and determine actions—have always existed.

Concerning this the Prophet said: The mind or the intelligence which man possesses is co-equal with God himself. . . .

The intelligence of spirits had no beginning; neither will it have an end. . . . There never was a time when there were not spirits; for they are co-equal [that is, co-eternal] with our Father in heaven. . . .

Intelligence is eternal and exists upon a self-existent principle. It is a spirit from age to age, and there is no creation about it. [Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, comp. Joseph Fielding Smith (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co. 1938),

pp. 353, 354]

Thus the capacity of choice, which is a most essential element in free agency, has evidently always been part of our being.  In the process of time each of our intelligences was clothed with a spiritual body by heavenly parents, and we became personages of spirits with bodies of eyes and ears and hands and feet.  All of us on this earth had the same Father of our spiritual bodies, and because he lives in heaven we have been rightfully taught to refer to him as “our Father in Heaven.”

The Daniel H. Ludlow was director of correlation for Internal Communications of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when this devotional address was given at Brigham Young University on 2 July 1974.

Quote: Pollution of the Mind - Robert L. Simpson

“Before drawing the breath of life on this earth, we were all spiritual beings living in the realm of God, the Eternal Father. Scripture reveals that even before our spiritual birth, each of us had individual identification as an intelligence.  Before all else could take place, there had to be that beginning spark of light, that spark of intelligence or, if you please, the marvelous mechanism that controls our every thought, that controls our every act. We might think of this spark of intelligence as perhaps the nucleus of a human mind.

No wonder it has been said: “As a man thinketh, so is he.” The master control center within each individual must be regarded as the key. Signals flashing out to the various parts of the body bring instant reaction; in sum and substance, this center dictates the character, the conscience, the strength, and yes, evens the weaknesses of every man.”

(2) Principle – Our Spirits Mind is compartmentalized – Double Minded vs. Single Minded

Double Mindedness - James 1:8, “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”
Conscious Mind - Subconscious Mind
Two Minds – Double Minded


– Consciousness is experienced when the Intelligence is in the conscious compartment, ahead of the Critical Factor Belief System Filter. The critical factor filter divides the conscious mind from the subconscious mind and is the storage area of our beliefs. We will discuss this at great length later

When the intelligence is in the conscious compartment,we all think about the same and have a similar response to a particular stimulus experience. For example let’s say it’s snowing outside, and we have to leave to go work. We all wear a coat, change our leather shoes to our neoprene soled shoes, or we wear are rubber shoes, we leave for work early as we know that traffic is going to be slower. We all consciously think about the same and make similar adjustments to given a given stimulus.

Being conscious is to be present, living in the here and now. Intentionally being conscious is the best place to live our lives from moment to moment as it is where we will see life in greatest clarity and understanding. When we are conscious the whole world looks more scenic, more beautiful, more panoramic, we are paying attention to details, the shapes of things, the colors and shading, the general appearance of things is sharper, clearer, focused. It is the state psychologists want to call being mindful.

When we visit the temple grounds in full consciousness we don’t just see an array of colors in the flower beds, but we notice individual peddles of the flowers, individual leaves, and different fragrances. We notice the trees and the shapes of the trees and different types of trees and leaves. When we look at the clouds we notice the dark part of the clouds being on the bottom where they are shaded from the upper sunshine, and you notice the light part of the clouds being on the top where the sun is directly shining upon them. Everything is brighter, clearer, sharper, more scenic, more panoramic, more beautiful, when we are consciously observing and learning in consciousness.

  • Subconscious functions are experienced when the Intelligence moves or travels to the subconscious compartments of: (a) Imagination (b) Memories (c) Emotions

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:(Old Testament | Proverbs 23:7)

In the Subconscious we may have rationalized, incongruent, stinking thinking from previous experience stimulus and decisions that is in opposition to what we believe and want to achieve consciously.

This incongruent thinking at the different levels of mind creates opposing forces within us. So sometimes we respond with our conscious beliefs and actions, and then other times with our subconscious beliefs and actions, CREATING INSTABILITY!IF WE HAD TO PICK ONE BUCKET TO PUT ALL OF THE EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS IN IT WOULD BE LABELED THE “INSTABILITY BUCKET”!

We need to align the Minds top and bottom and when we do we become what the scriptures call being Single Minded - Stable!


(3)  Principle – Our Intelligence Moves within Our Spirits Mind - we call this, “thinking”

29  “Man was also in the beginning with God.  Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be.

30  All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence. (The Intelligence has been placed in the sphere of our Spirits Mind)   31 Behold, here is the agency of man, and here is the condemnation of man; because that which was from the beginning is plainly manifest unto them, and they receive not the light.”

Each of us has as part of our inner spiritual being an Intelligence within our spiritual mind that guides our thoughts and directs our brains, then our brain directs our body.  It moves from place to place in our spiritual mind.  It moves from consciousness which is outward observation, learning, focus and choice, to our subconscious imagination where amplification of any thought, belief, or idea can be enlightened and expanded. Then to searching our memories to justify with validating data the thoughts and beliefs we have already accepted as truth. When our Intelligence in is consciousness you are not in your subconscious functions of imaginations, memories, or emotions.  It is as though they do not exist.

Positive Mind Management processes eliminate the inappropriate behaviors generated by maladaptive, negative, emotions.  We receive referrals daily from local ecclesiastical leaders to assist couples in floundering relationships and young people who are preparing for missions to overcome pornographic influences, and attendant maladaptive behaviors. We receive referrals for all types of behavioral modifications to teach individuals, couples, and families, these powerful mind management techniques.

Positive Mind Management Services is a group of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists who have been trained at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School by W. Dennis Parker CHT and have joined together to provide the highest quality of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy and Positive Mind Management hypnotherapy to the public.  We use the latest most innovative techniques and protocols.  This is a professional group of Hypnotherapists, who have been highly trained in trance/pondering protocols.  that are ACHE Clinically certified with professional  malpractice insurance.  We are in compliance with all state regulations and requirements as directed by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Occupational Licensing in the State of Utah. which are new mental skills utilized as tools for people to learn to manage their minds, imaginations, memories, emotions, and control their out of control behaviors being Free.


John Hollingshead of the Lighted Candle Society and as a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has this to say about Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy and the results he has experienced himself, and the success Members have enjoyed as he has sent them for Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy.  This video is of the Lighted Candle Society and an LDS Church Leaders Endorsement of Hypnotherapy, John Hollingshead.

Interview starts at the 11 minute mark.


John Harmer of the Lighted Candle Society which has been fighting Pornography for 50 years has this to say about Dennis and Positive Mind Management for overcoming the influence and effects of pornography. 

The interview starts at about the 11 minute mark.


 Weeding the Garden of Your Mind of Double Mindedness 

Have you ever asked, “How can anyone do such a thing to someone else, or to themselves?” Or, “Why do I keep doing what I do, even when I know I ought not to be doing it?” What are the keys to real behavioral change?  How would learning the skills of behavioral modification being offered here change yours and your loved ones lives? What if you had the knowledge and skills to assist others to: control unwanted emotions, be free of pornography, have enhanced learning abilities and test taking relaxation skills, enjoy increased self-esteem and personal self-confidence, enhance sports performance, be free of fears and phobias, stop smoking, loose that unwanted weight once and for all, enjoy pain control reducing your pain levels, living a more enjoyable life, and change a mired of other personal behaviors and attributes for the best?

We want to teach you a key principle of positive behavioral modification and change as an example of our course work.  We teach students and clients how to overcome double mindedness.  James 1:8 says, “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  We propose the double mindedness spoken of here is the incongruent predominant thought thinking errors that we have logged in our subconscious mind, that are in opposition to the goal achieving desires that we have in our conscious mind . When we have incongruent thinking and opposite beliefs at our conscious and subconscious states of mind it creates opposing forces within us, “instability”.   We want to move forward, achieve new goals, be our best self, consciously, and yet as we hold opposing incongruent thoughts and beliefs in the subconscious mind, we experience inhibitions, hesitations, and we procrastinate. We are unstable in all our ways!

There is an area between the two minds called the Critical Faculty or Critical Factor which is the area of our belief systems.  It is a filter to the subconscious mind. When we do conscious critical, analytical, logical thinking, and we accept a thought as being right, true and correct for us, we allow it to pass through the critical factor into our subconscious functions of imaginations, memories, and emotions.  Once the thought belief is in the subconscious it will generate a behavior.  The extreme to which demonstrate the behavior depend on how much amplification of our imagination we apply to the thought belief, and how much justifying, validating data, we can come up with in our memories to prove to ourselves that we are right in our chosen belief.  The amount of amplification and justification is the amount of emotional content we experience as our feelings, driving the behavior, because we behave the way we feel.

The “KEY” is that it requires hypnosis, trance, or pondering, (all three are synonymous to us) to penetrate the critical factor filter barrier and access the incongruent thinking errors being held in the subconscious. It requires skills and training in trance to know which hypnotic level (because there are six observable trance states that we utilize in hypnotherapy, and hypnotherapy is a general term which is descriptive of three major categories: Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy)  is going to work best to challenge and change the newly found thinking errors.  Once these thinking errors are challenged and changed appropriately and brought into alignment with conscious goal driven thinking, being single-minded, people now move forward in life fulfilling their dreams and goals more rapidly than ever before imagined possible.

We use the metaphor that what we are doing is weeding the garden of our mind. Let’s say we have a major thinking error, a big weed in our garden. (I am not good enough, or smart enough, or capable enough, or pretty or handsome enough, and so forth.)  In conscious or cognitive therapy, we may whack away at the leaves above the ground, we may break off branches, and with sufficient time, we might even chop it down to the ground with enough logical and analytical reasoning.  But, without hypnosis or trance access to the subconscious root and the training to know how to actually pull the root all the way out, when the individual experiences a similar stimulating event that generated the behavior producing thought processes in the first place, the root is stimulated again and  simply grows back, and so does the behavior.  Such is the case with yo-yo dieting.  So a major key to behavioral modification hypnotherapy is the ability to get to the root of problem thinking errors and overcoming double minded instabilities!

by W. Dennis Parker