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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
The Services of Positive Mind Management
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn About Positive Mind Management And How It Can Help You And Those You Care About.
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P.M.M. for Enhanced Sales Performance
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Enhance Sales Performance.
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P.M.M. for Improved Sports Performance
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Improve Sports Performance.
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P.M.M. for Emotional Control - Desensitize from Abuse - PTSD
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help To Gain Emotional Control.
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P.M.M. as A Nonmedical Approach for ADD and ADHD
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Those Who Are Struggling With ADD/ADHD.
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P.M.M. for Overcoming Pornographic Influences
Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help You Or Someone You Love To Break Free From Pornography.
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P.M.M. to Achieve Healthy Weight Goals
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help To Achieve Healthy Weight Goals.
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P.M.M. to Manage Acute and Chronic Pain
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Manage Or Even Eliminate Pain.
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P.M.M. For Single Adults Seeking Relationships
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Someone Who Is Frustrated And Hopeless About Being Single.
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P.M.M. for New or Established Couples
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help New or Established Couples.
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P.M.M. for Grieving - Unresolved Death - Divorce
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- P.M.M. is an exceptionally powerful therapy for bringing closure to grieving.
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P.M.M. to Mentally Prepare LDS or Other Missionaries
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help You Or Someone You Love Prepare Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually For A Successful Mission.
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Sales - Mental Toughness 





Sales Managers - Imagine the improvement in your sales revenue, gross profit dollars,

and your sales representatives increased personal commissions, 

when your team is 15 - 50 % more mentally skillful, intentionally managing their minds!


Sales Mind Management Trainings Teach Essential New Mental Skills!  


Our Positive Mind Management Sales Trainings will:

- Improve Your Interpersonal Communications Skills with Prospects and Customers - You will learn enhanced communication skills that will increase your closing rates with Prospects and Customers.  You will be more comfortable and confident on your sales calls knowing how to immediately generate greater immediate TRUST. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and especially your business relationships.

- Improve Intrapersonal Communications - Understand your own communications within yourself between your conscious and subconscious minds - You will learn how to be free of self-inflicted double-binds.

- Successfully Address Personal Fears - You will learn to address and clear up your natural fears that sales people face everyday such as fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not being good-enough, fear of the unknown, and so forth. You will learn how to overcome such fears as: Public Speaking, Public Demonstrating, and New Account Cold Calling Reluctance.  

Sales people may become plagued with fears and other negative emotions. Fear of the economy, fear of failure, fear of the competition, or of rejection, and so forth. They experience feelings of doubt that, "I am not good enough to get up in front of this evaluation committee and make a winning presentation".

Or other intrapersonal thoughts, script lies, can be running continually through their minds just below the conscious level of thought, (like the song we sometimes sing over and over in our minds, and can't seem to get rid of) generating unwanted emotions and behaviors. Scripts such as, "They don't really want to see me anyway", or, "I know I should stop in there, as I have driven past this prospect for the past several months, but, I'll do it tomorrow", and tomorrow never comes. These subconscious behavioral producing thought patterns can be challenged and changed by you the sales person at will with these new "Positive Mind Management" techniques which become personal coping, self-reliance skills that you will use in every aspect of your life!

The acceptance of the improvement in personal performance that utilization of these processes and skills make is now well documented and known in the professional sports world. Many of the winning athletes of our time utilize these concepts daily. Equip your sales team with the same " Positive Mind Management" training, processes, mental/emotional techniques and skills, that we teach to and are instilled in the professional athletes we work with though our "Sports and Golf Mind Management" programs. In sales we do not necessarily need to be physically tough, even though to be healthy and in good physically condition is all part of producing positive, healthy mental states and attitudes, but we do need to be mentally and emotionally, tough as nails. Mental and emotional strength produces winning results on the court, golf course, or in the sales field. Learn and utilize "Positive Mind Management for Sales People", here!

These trainings in (Self-Hypnosis and Positive Mind Management) give access to our subconscious thoughts, and the ability to challenge and change them for more appropriate productive thoughts. Hypnosis or trance (deeper states of daydreaming) is the mechanism that allows access to the subconscious where the roots of most all our problems reside.  

We will teach you how to have access to and connection to your conscious and subconscious thoughts and functions at one and the same time. This will reveal to you your own predominant thought patterns that are generating inappropriate behaviors, and reveal your positive ones as well, giving you understanding of how to do more of the positive.  Sales people need to understand how to access their subconscious thought scripts, challenge and change them, all on their own, on a continual basis, doing mind management, for their optimal sales performance. These processes 'Really Work!


Listen to what Kate has to say about her experiences of overcoming her fears

of public speaking and see how professionally she handles herself in this interview with Talk365.


These presentations give sales people the same opportunity to learn these new mental and emotional skills that are being utilized everyday by the athletes we work with, especially golfers, as personal trainings in mental and physical improvement techniques.  This program teaches both fundamentals and many advanced concepts of, "Positive Mind Management," and how to practice personal "Sales Mind Management” on a daily basis.  Thus, creating additional mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to not just survive, but thrive in these very competitive and tight financial times.  This is new innovative sports and sales training!

You will enhance your personal income and as a Sales Manager, your sales team will break all sales records with their increased closing rates as they approach their prospects and customers, fearlessly.  They will have enhanced communication skills and tools to use with customers and within themselves.  You will enjoy having intentional intrapersonal communication skills, conscious mind direction to subservient subconscious functions.  You will know how to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors for greater success on every call.  These are life changing skills and the investment in yourself with these trainings will pay you increased sales dividends for the rest of your career!

Listen to Dennis explain how these personal improvements are accomplished

and see how valuable they will be for you!  


You will learn advanced Positive Mind Management techniques and protocols

which will give you control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors!


Additional Positive Mind Management Skills Taught In These Workshops:

- Understanding Real Goal Setting and How to Really Enact the 'Law of Attraction', Not Just Talk About It

- Mind Management of the Conscious State of Mind - - Get Conscious - Be Present

-Understanding of the Critical Factor and How to Stop Self-Defeating Negative Behaviors 

- Desensitize  Emotionalized Experiences

- Detach from Negative Memories and Emotions

- Understand The Imagination – Amplify the Positive - Decrease the Negative

- White CD – “I Do Things Right!”

- Why Be a Commissioned Sales Rep?

- Activity vs. Results - Personal Management – Beating the Pareto Principle of 80/20 - Make More       Money!

Learn How to Manage Your Mind for Peak Performance and Personal Enjoyments!


Listen to Ron Laumeau explain how these trainings have helped him personally and with his family.




The Below: Training, Speaking, Coaching, Client Comments, Testimonials, and References are for W. Dennis Parker 


Obviously they are here to build credibility and let you know you are not getting involved in an experiment.  Please click on the Reference Links below, to review some References and Testimonials.

The Attached Letters and Comments from Clients and Customers are for your review of the length of my sales training and speaking career, the breath of subject matters covered, and the depth of my presentation skills and experience.

Should you be looking for a conference or convention keynote speaker or seminar/workshop instructor, please "Contact Us", and give us a description of the event, subject matter/theme, and what your objectives are with the presentation. We will make it happen for you and your attendees will be thrilled.

"I have been testing the effects of clinical hypnotherapy for several years with Dennis. The brain changes and becomes more coherent, synchronous and clear. The role of the subconscious in personal performance is tremendous. Having tested and worked with the conscious mind for 30 years, I am grateful to have these techniques (Positive Mind Management) to work with the subconscious mind and unite the conscious and subconscious minds!"
Dr. Debbie Crews - 










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