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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
The Services of Positive Mind Management
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn About Positive Mind Management And How It Can Help You And Those You Care About.
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P.M.M. for Enhanced Sales Performance
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Enhance Sales Performance.
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P.M.M. for Improved Sports Performance
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Improve Sports Performance.
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P.M.M. for Emotional Control - Desensitize from Abuse - PTSD
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help To Gain Emotional Control.
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P.M.M. as A Nonmedical Approach for ADD and ADHD
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Those Who Are Struggling With ADD/ADHD.
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P.M.M. for Overcoming Pornographic Influences
Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help You Or Someone You Love To Break Free From Pornography.
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P.M.M. to Achieve Healthy Weight Goals
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help To Achieve Healthy Weight Goals.
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P.M.M. to Manage Acute and Chronic Pain
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Manage Or Even Eliminate Pain.
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P.M.M. For Single Adults Seeking Relationships
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help Someone Who Is Frustrated And Hopeless About Being Single.
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P.M.M. for New or Established Couples
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help New or Established Couples.
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P.M.M. for Grieving - Unresolved Death - Divorce
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- P.M.M. is an exceptionally powerful therapy for bringing closure to grieving.
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P.M.M. to Mentally Prepare LDS or Other Missionaries
CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE- Learn How Positive Mind Management Can Help You Or Someone You Love Prepare Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually For A Successful Mission.
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CD Listening: White: I Do Things Right!                                 

Auto-suggestions with a recording


Auto-suggestion is the basis for most hypnosis recordings. Most people are very successful with such recordings, especially when they diligently listen to them and make a point of repeating the positive affirmations out loud or in their minds several times each day.  Our White Series of CD’s use the word and color white to mean, “I am doing things right,” so we are continually setting ourselves up to make better choices each and every time we see something white or hear the word white.

I personally believe that, for the most part, we can all become our own best therapist by learning to listen to and discern the truths and errors of our own thoughts and thinking. Therefore all of my recordings contain what I call therapeutic prompts. These therapeutic prompts are the times during the recording when I will say half of a sentence, a stem sentence, or ask a stem question. You are to complete the sentence with the first words and images that come into your mind, from your very own thoughts and beliefs. This helps you learn to listen to and come to understand your current predominant thoughts and beliefs, both at a conscious and subconscious level.

This feature makes the recordings in our White Series different from other hypnosis programs containing simple positive suggestions and affirmations, even though you will receive many of those as you listen. The therapeutic prompts will allow you to gain wisdom and understanding about yourself from your subconscious mind and your conscience, somewhat similar to a hypnotherapy session.

These recordings are meant to help you come to know the tremendous benefits of pondering and meditation so that you can discern truth from error in your life. You will experience divinely granted gifts of spiritual enlightenment, and receive wisdom and understanding more frequently, when you seek insights on the experiences of your life from a higher source.

Programming while you sleep

Listening to chosen recordings for your goal directed learning purposes when sleeping can be an especially effective way to program your subconscious mind.  Because the critical factor is more easily bypassed during sleep, which is a conscious mind function as the subconscious mind never sleeps.  Our subconscious is more open to suggestion and learning as we dream, imagine, and visualize deeply, without conscious distraction or interference from analytical processes. 

Suggestions made through lyrics put to music are a powerful predominant thought programming method in either a state of self-hypnosis or sleep. Some seek to learn new languages by listening to the pronunciation and definitions of words and phrases on a recording at night, over and over again as they sleep. Other educational subject matter can also be recorded and played repeatedly at night. It will be taken into our subconscious memories, as again, our subconscious mind never sleeps.

Some people choose to program themselves for entirely new subject matter as they deeply relax or sleep. Entire learning programs have been created for what some call hypnosis-learning. It is an excellent way to memorize material for instant recall. Again, repetition is one of the best forms of learning, and what better way to utilize our full day and maximize our time management than to learn while we rest and sleep? This is why our White Series recording programs are so successful, because users process the suggestions and therapeutic prompts at various trance levels and hypnotic states as we go in and out of sleep.


Therefore, listening to these recordings several times at night— leaving the recorder on repeat—provides the desired suggestions at various trance levels of suggestibility. You may notice that you enjoy listening to these recordings at any level of relaxation. Many people report that they sleep better than ever as they listen and are amazed over time at their seemingly natural changes and desired improvements.


Listening repeatedly to a recording designed to promote a desired behavioral change can also provide the time for you to come to an understanding of your current predominant thoughts and beliefs and the opportunity to challenge and change any nonproductive or inappropriate thoughts. Instead you can establish new, more productive predominant thoughts and beliefs, leading to more desired behavioral changes.


We suggest listening closely to the White Series of CDs as often as possible during the day and several times at night during sleep for 30 to 90 days. You will know when you have achieved predominant thought changes since your new behaviors will be automatic. You will also want to listen to the CDs occasionally consciously to achieve conscious and subconscious thought alignment. This CD listening process is an integral part of our behavioral change program as illustrated by the three stories below:


Dear Mr. Parker,


I am writing you in response to the inspiration your CD on personal improvement and self‐esteem has been to my 17‐year‐old niece and me.  My niece moved in with me after being misplaced from several other homes. She felt as though she was at the end of her rope, with no place else to go. I let her move in under some very strict rules and guidelines. One was that she begins listening to your CD on self‐esteem. She had been having trouble sleeping and was very cranky in the mornings. Not much joy to be around.


I explained to her that I wanted her to give your CD a try for at least one week, and if she felt it was not helping her she could stop. Since she began listening she has slept better than she has ever slept in her life. She tells me that her stress level has dropped to almost none. I can see several changes in her, all are very positive.


She has started dreaming of her Olympic dreams again, and is working hard to once again get back to the shape that will someday get her there. She has gone on to finish her schooling and is currently employed. Her life has made a complete turnaround. She refuses to go to sleep without the CD in, and tells me that when she moves out that she would like to take it with her. I, of course, told her she will have to get her own.


Thank you for making a difference for so many. Sherry

Dear Dennis,


I was shopping at Walmart late one night and I went to the candy aisle as I do every time I am in there, I walked over and got a pack of 10 miniature candy bars.  Every time I go shopping I get these and then, on the way driving home, I eat all 10 of them. It is like my little (big) treat for myself.  I went through the entire store telling me how I shouldn't be eating them and having a battle in my head. Thanks to the weight loss CD I had been listening to, all the scripting kept going through my head about taking care of your body, etc.


 I made it through my shopping trip and was up at the register to check out and I just couldn't do it.  I had to leave them at the register. It has been at least two weeks since I have had a candy bar.  I also go to the fridge always looking for something to eat and the thought scripted from the CD, “are you really hungry or are you feeling an emotional hunger with food.”  Then I stop myself and get a drink of water instead and move on to something else.  I find myself doing this at least several times a day.  The CD is wonderful.


My husband has been drinking at least 4-8 soda pops a day since he was a teenager.  He starts out his 4:30 a.m. day with a large Mountain Dew or Coke; it is a daily ritual for him that is followed by several more throughout the day.  He very rarely drinks water and never drinks juice.  I started playing the weight loss CD at night while he was sleeping. He didn't know what the CD was saying because he is always asleep before I turn it on. After a week or two of listening to it, he started making the funniest comments to me, unaware of where they were coming from. 


First, he came home from work one night and told me that he was trying to cut back on soda pop and would like it if I would keep more juice in the house for him. Then another time we went out to eat and I was ahead of him in line at Subway and they asked what we wanted to drink and I ordered him a coke just like always and he came over quickly and asked me what I got him and then had the gentleman change his drink to lemonade. This went on for quite some time, we would go out to eat and he would actually ask for water to drink instead of a pop.  But the second I stop playing the CD he is back on soda pop.




Dear Mr. Parker,


I am dropping you this note to thank you.  I have been listening to your CDs for several months now and will not go to sleep without them at this point in my life.  I started listening to your self-esteem CD and found it so helpful in not only creating a happier frame of mind for myself, but for my niece as well.


After seeing the turnaround in her I decided to try your weight loss CD.  Since I began listening to it four months ago I have dropped 25 pounds.  I don’t have cravings for those comfort foods anymore.  My life is heading in the far greater direction today than when I first started your CD listening course.  The positive attitude that I have found in myself, I owe partly to you. 


I am getting married in the spring and I know today I have the confidence to put on that “white” dress and feel as beautiful in it as I will be.  My self-esteem and my determination to get to the size I want to be for this wedding grow stronger every day.


Again thank you!

Sunshine and Smiles,




Catching “thinking errors” about ourselves or others in our conscious critical factor filter is important. Pay close attention to self-denigrating statements that go through your thought processes: “I’m not good enough!” “I’m not smart enough!”  “I could never do the things they can do!” and so forth. How do you catch and challenge these types of thought in your critical factor filter and not allow them through to stimulate subconscious behavior-producing functions? You can simply bounce them back out, do not allow them through, and reject them telling you the opposite truths.  “I am good enough to accomplish whatever I choose to set my mind too, and so forth.


Understand the action of your conscious filter as you reject these false thoughts and ideas. Ponder the following: what is the first thing that came into my mind? How did I react to that thought? That laughs? Or that face? What physical abreaction did I experience to reject the statement? You just learned to use a therapeutic prompt to discern errors or lies and then tell yourself the truth by challenging an inappropriate thought.


We will use the same process to challenge other lies as well as uncover other misunderstandings and misinterpretations of your life’s experiences that may come to you as you listen to the White Series recordings.